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3 people using Nuvi, a customer experience management & marketing tool


Hertz.  Costco.  Blendtec. Krispy Kreme.  Franklin Covey. Domo.
why they chose Nuvi
The Customer
Experience Guide

Nuvi helps to bring real-time conversations to life! Without it, we'd be making less informed decisions about our client's social business, content direction and overall strategy.

Taylor Nicole V. / Marketing and Advertising

Nuvi makes real-time listening and monitoring easier than ever, helping to guide content strategy with visual data and actionable insights. When we need to complete competitor audits or pull historical social data, Nuvi is our go-to social tool.

Taylor Ferri

Two primary facets of NUVI stand out: their customer service is stellar. Second is the graphic nature of the main panels used to delineate what the exact trends are.

Bill B. / Copywriter, Social Media

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