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Privacy First

Great businesses are built on consumer trust and data privacy has never been more important. Our partnership with industry-leading data providers enables NUVI users to respect personal data while gaining the insights you need to fuel your social strategy.

Facebook topic data gives marketers the anonymized and aggregated data they need to make insightful decisions and NUVI is there every step of the way to help bring the data to life.

Facebook Topic Data is now available in 55 countries

Get instant access to anonymized and aggregated posts from 936 million users in over 120 languages.

Content Strategy

Great things happen when data is the driving force behind your content strategy. Posts are delivered when they should be with a message that captures attention and drives results. When you pair incredible data with unrivaled visuals it’s tough to lose.

Media Buying

Programmatic buying and real-time bid adjustments can only go so far. When you truly understand your audience, you know where they spend their time and when they are most likely to engage with your ad. Get the data you need to let you do what you do best.


“Set it and forget it” isn’t a phrase that marketers use and hopefully isn’t one that is in your vocabulary. Social media has increased the rate of change that you have to account for in your campaign planning. Constant optimization is key: understand the audience, deliver engaging content, see the results, then rinse and repeat.

“NUVI has given us the power to make data-driven decisions in real time, during our most important events, competitions and campaigns. Music tastes shift every minute, and NUVI allows us to react immediately to the way our customers want to interact with their favorite artists and songs.”

-Scott Warner, CEO of GIGG

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