2017 Social Trends – Snap Memories vs Instagram Stories

May 16, 2017

2017 Social Trends – Snap Memories vs Instagram Stories

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Internet marketers, brand managers, and business managers benefit from a comprehensive social media marketing plan. A key component of these plans is the use of tools like Snap Memories and Instagram stories. Your time is limited, though. Which should you use if you want to reach the right audience in the right format?

Both Are Powerful Tools

Snap Memories and Instagram Stories are both very powerful mediums, but they both differ in terms of reach and benefit. When first launched, Casey Newton of The Verge stated the following, “At its best, Snapchat has felt like the most authentic social network — and that has been driven in large part by the fact that users feel safer sharing there, because there is no permanent record of their activity.” And, at the same time noted that Memories allows for the 150 million people using the app to capture and save some of their memories. This was an important change for the company because it gave them an even larger audience.

Instagram Stories is just as important. In fact, Instagram has 90 million daily photos added to it each day and 500 million users. It’s bigger. Robert Katai of Content Marketing Institute said this of the benefit of leveraging this platform for marketing as a brand, “With the Instagram Stories feature, you have everything you want from a mobile social network. You can edit and upload photos, upload videos, apply filters, send direct messages, advertise, and create content that disappears in 24 hours.”

With this in mind, you still have to ask – where should you spend your marketing dollars?

Instagram Stories Is Easier for Brands

Instagram Stories tends to be the easiest option for brands for several key reasons.

You’ll Reach an Established Audience

The data is clear. Instagram has the audience that most marketers want. As noted, it has 500 million users. And, 59% of those users use the tool every day and 35% use it several times a day. That’s according to a Pew Research Study. This has grown by about 10% since September of 2014. It’s not just about the number of users, though. It’s also about the demographics.

The same study found 31% of women and 24% of men use Instagram. And, it’s possible for brands to target specific demographics to reach their marketing goals.

Better Access to People Who Are Not Followers, But Watch Your Videos

Did you know you can see exactly who is watching your Instagram Stories videos? To do so, open your story up. Then, swipe upward on the screen. There is a list of the number of people as well as the names of those people who have seen your video. With this, you can follow back or otherwise engage these users.

Better User Interface Design – In Our Opinion

A key reason to put your time into Instagram Stories is simply because it puts your brand and your products very easily within reach. It’s easy to use (and it doesn’t take a lot of formatting and editing) to create stunning, highly effective marketing. We humbly believe this interface is simply the better overall option.

Instagram versus Snapchat stories

Easier to Advertise from and Track Analytics

You know the importance of social media analytics tools and social media listening tools. But, having a platform that gives you the ability to advertise easily and effortlessly, and allows you to easily track all of the data behind those ads is impressive.

Instagram vs snapchat

BarkBox did a cute doggie interview using Instagram Stories (here’s a screenshot to peek your interest). In this simple add for the subscription dog toy service, the employee and this little guy had a cute conversation including a discussion about toys. That’s easy and friendly advertising. It’s more than just a snapshot of an ad. And, the company can use the feedback and analytics from this type of Story to pursue further advertising and brand-building campaigns.

Instagram vs snapchat stories

Hold On – Snap Memories Is Still Good for Building a Personal Brand and Audience

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use Snap Memories. Mediakix believes that the 100 million users on the site who watch 6 billion videos a day is simply too much to ignore – we agree. Snap Memories is better at building your brand on a more personal level. You’ll want to be less formal in your marketing and branding efforts and more personal, likable, and on-the-go to build your brand. Let people get to know you.

instagram vs snapchat stories

We know you want the best for your marketing plan, which is why we always recommend a comprehensive campaign designed to use the best format of content for your business. Sometimes, the social media analytics tools offered by Instagram are the better route to take. In other cases, you’ll want to be far less professional and more personal, making Snap a better option.

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