2017 Social Trends – Twitter Rolls Out “Moments” for Mobile

February 16, 2017

2017 Social Trends – Twitter Rolls Out “Moments” for Mobile

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Twitter remains the best example of a simple, highly effective social media site that has become the go-to solution for communicating with customers, engaging with fans and increasing a brand’s presence online. Now, Twitter is announcing a new tool, called Moments, that offers another avenue for brands like your own to reach a larger audience and achieve bigger things.

What Is Moments and How Does It Work?

In short, Moments is a lot like Snap Memories. It allows users to create tweets that are based on a specific event or topic and then curates them into a more visual manner. Initially, Moments was launched only for its desktop and web versions. Now, Twitter is making Moments available on mobile. That means you can tweet your Moments whenever you are on the go.

It’s fairly simple to use Moments. Here’s a rundown of how it works:

  • Find a tweet you want to add to Moments.
  • Click on the down arrow in the tweet details.
  • There’s a link there for Moments. Click that.
  • You can then do this over and over again among numerous tweets.
  • Reorder the tweets however you would like – much like telling a story.
  • Then, choose the background you want to use.
  • Publish it.

It’s that easy. And, if you are already using Twitter or other social media sites for brand images and storytelling, you can see just how easy it will be to incorporate the same content into Moments.

Here’s an example of what you may wish to do: Let’s say your company is sports related and you want to showcase a special event, such as the World Series in which your product is a sponsor. Perhaps you even have someone at the event. You can easily grab the tweets related to your brand or the event itself and create a Moments post. This creates a bigger visual and an interesting story. It can help your brand gain more attention in such an instance.

What Can You Include in Moments?

Telling a rich story is what branding on Twitter is all about. But what can you include in Moments to get attention? First, realize you can string together a wide range of content such as links, GIFs, videos, photos, infographics and just about anything else you can post to the site. You can include tweets from a variety of sources including:

  • Keyword searches
  • Hashtags
  • Any account

How Can You Incorporate Them Into Your Marketing?

There are various ways to use this content.

  • Show off a brand-related hashtag to create some social proof for your business.
  • Pin Moments to the top of your profile for additional attention.
  • Promote a new launch of a product using tweets about your product.
  • Get some interest going about your big event.
  • Recycle the tweets you’ve already published about a topic that’s important to your brand.


John White, the founder and CMO of Social Marketing Solutions, offered insight in an Inc.com article about the use of Moments. He said, “It’s no secret that the Twitter news feed moves fast. Sometimes even good tweets can get lost in the giant sea of content on Twitter. This can leave marketers frustrated that the tweet they spent so much time to put together didn’t have the impact they wanted. Now, with Moments, you can recycle those tweets and display them in a presentation that can be re-shared multiple times, giving some of your older tweets new life and the views they deserved on the first go around!”

Now that Twitter’s Moments is mobile, consider the ways you can take content and use it on the go. For example, you can create a slideshow of tweets from your mobile device, perhaps when you are at an event or experiencing a live seminar. You can capture tweets no matter where you are or what you are doing.

Check out this Moments creation from Budweiser. The graphics are stunning. The message is clear.

Here’s another example. This is from Unilever’s content curator @persiluk.


In this example, Universal Pictures wanted to give viewers of a new Jason Bourne movie various ways to explore the movie. Each is a different marketing approach to attract different users. Each is compelling, especially when placed next to each other.


While Moments is a lot like Snapchat Stories, it has Twitter’s far reach, which is important to most brands. Josh Constine at TechCrunch had this to say about the tool: “Harnessing the creativity of the masses could also spawn more viral hits. Some of the most memorable Moments have been crazy stories told in sprawling tweetstorms rather than predictable aggregations of news.”

Don’t Forget Twitter Live Video

On December 14, Twitter launched a new live video service. When you #GoLive on Twitter, you can create instant access to what you’re doing and tap into your brand. Twitter’s live video has plenty to offer.

According to a Twitter blog post, “Live video is the most immersive way to experience what’s happening around the world. From protests and monumental moments to celebrations and things that make us LOL, we’re making it easier for you to broadcast live video – straight from Twitter.”


This completes the integration of Periscope, a live video app, with Twitter. And, the service now is fully searchable and offers permanent videos. For marketing, this means you can create video that’s engaging and interesting and, unlike some other live videos, actually use this video more than once.

Twitter’s live video is rather easy to use. When you compose a tweet, simply click on the “live” link. You can then access the broadcasting of the live video. Your viewers can interact with you on your timeline and tap to access the video.

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