An iPad rests on a salmon pink background. On the screen is Nuvi's share of voice dashboard which measures percentage of total mentions, original content, unique authors, and shares as compared to selected competitors. In this case, the companies that are being compared are Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+. Over the iPad are the words: Compare products, locations, and verticals: Share of Voice Dashboards.
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3 Key Indicators to Determine your True Share of Voice

There is no shortage of factors you should be aware of when crafting marketing strategies: followers, engagement, industry influencers, off-profile mentions, the list goes on and on. Many companies struggle to see the whole picture because social data (particularly competitor data) is difficult to collect, especially if you’re sorting through data manually. Social analytics data can also be difficult to interpret if you don’t have access to a breadth of data that can accurately highlight patterns and trends in customer behaviors, competitor social strategies, or audience reaction to competitors' products. Having the right data to see the place of your products in the wider industry landscape is essential to making a competitive content marketing strategy that puts you ahead of other brands in your field. 

Nuvi’s share of voice dashboards provide a simple way to analyze your company’s social content performance in relation to your competitors or to compare the discussion of different products or brands that fall under your brand umbrella. With our segmentation options, your company can compare multiple products, locations, or verticals to each other and your competitors at one time. Showing the comparative share of voice of your own products shows you which contributing areas are succeeding and which are not. 

Here’s how we do it: not only will you be able to compare total mentions received by your brand or your competitors in a given time period, but you’ll also be able to break those numbers down into more detail. With Nuvi, you can view the percentage of your and your competitors’ engagement.

Nuvi's Share of Voice Metrics:

  1. original content 
  2. the number of individual authors
  3. how often content about your brand or product is shared.

This detailed analysis will provide you with the actionable insights you need to create your content marketing strategy. Share of Voice insights might direct you to look at other social indicators or dashboards within your social listening platform. For example, if the amount of original content and unique authors talking about your brand is low, you may have a brand awareness issue. In order to resolve this, you can focus on content with higher reach and spread so more people are aware of your product. A possible way to increase reach and spread could be using social listening to find brand-aligning influencers or popular thought leaders that spread your message to their audience within your industry. Or you could even guest write yourself. Another solution is to jumpstart the conversation and get more people talking about your brand by sharing more interactive content. The way you interact with customers may dictate how eager they are to discuss your brand online

A Mac shows Nuvi's share of voice dashboard. This time it's comparing AllState, Progressive, Geico, and State Farm. Geico holds a majority in all four categories with 53.8% of the total mentions, 54.4% of the original content, 59.6% of the unique authors, and 52.1% of the total shares. Allstate is second, state Farm is third and Progressive is last. To the left of the Mac, three of Nuvi's dashboards of influencers data float. They are Most Spread, Most Reshares, and Most Reach. Nuvi's share of voice dashboard can highlight were your online presence in weakest and what other dashboards to analyze to determine why it's weak and how to improve it.

As another example: a low number of shares means your content may not be compelling enough, or your branding may not be in line with your target demographic. Customers want to share content that resonates with and represents them, so companies with low shares may want to spend more time getting to know their customers through social listening and engaging directly with them.

Tired of not seeing the whole picture? Set up a demo and we’ll show you how we can help measure your share of voice (and more) with comprehensive dashboards and visualizations.

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