A Mac is on a light brown wooden desk. In front of it is a white keyboard and mouse. To the left of the keyboard is an iPhone. To the left of the computer screen is a small clock and on the right is a green plant that is as tall as the computer. On the screen is Nuvi's listen bubble graph which spreads across the whole screen. On bubble is circled and a tweet hovers over the graph. It reads: Blizzard should consider making new content for classic after naxx, would keep the player base engaged afterwards #WoWClassic
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3 Ways to Reduce Churn

Realistically, your business won’t keep every single customer. But customer churn left unchecked can start to take a toll on your business. Ever heard of the phrase, "Old is gold?" That's because repeat customers are a valuable resource—they are generally easier to sell to and, with frequent positive experiences, can be turned into powerful advocates for your brand. It is also less expensive for your business to keep your current customers (who might even provide you with word of mouth advertising if they have a good experience) than to advertise to find new ones. 

Closely observing your churn rate can give you important information about the successes or failures of your customer experience strategy. With careful listening and decisive action, you can reduce your churn rate and improve your social customer experience. Quick responses on social channels, increasing engagement after purchases, and listening to customer experience feedback can all help bring you closer to your customers and increase the likelihood that they will stick with your brand.

Respond Quickly over Social Media

Potential buyers are increasingly requesting information or customer service via social media. Failing to respond or responding too slowly has the potential to harm your brand perception and turn these customers away from your product.  Nuvi Listen gives you the power to monitor the conversations around your brand and your industry in real-time, while Nuvi Engage gives your team a platform to collaboratively and proactively respond to questions and comments.

Resolving problems and responding to feedback online shows your customers that you are engaged with and listening to them. Effective communication with customers will help build trust in your brand, so they will feel comfortable going to you when they need a new product. Nuvi Engage gives your team the ability to work together and respond to incoming replies, posts and comments on multiple channels, all in one place.

A key component of brand management is identifying negative customer sentiment quickly and addressing the causes before it escalates and impacts your reputation. Nuvi Listen provides you with easy-to-use tools to assess your metrics like the sentiment and volume of posts about your brand. 

With Listen’s built-in alerts, you can be notified when posts to or about your brand contain keywords of your choosing, when specific users mention you, or when an influential account with greater than a programmable number of followers posts about you. This gives you the opportunity to reach out to customers who expressed a negative sentiment and turn their experience around.

Nuvi's bubble stream social listening graph The bubbles vary in size to show how much of an influencer the author tends to be. The color also varies according to sentiment. Green is positive, blue is neutral, and red is negative. This graph is for Nordstrom in the last 24 hours.

Looking at a bubble graph of retailer Nordstrom’s Twitter mentions, we can see that the majority of them (and almost all of the posts with the most engagement) are positive or neutral in sentiment. 

A string of Nordstrom's tweeted messages and their reply. Dachell says @nordstrom I need reach someone regarding my order, I received the incorrect item. Nordstorm replied we are sorry to hear the wrong item sent. For further assistance, please feel free to send us a DM with your order number and more details. Nordstorm replied in 2 minutes. Allie Way Bar tweets @nordstrom thank you so much for the incredible customer service. You never let me down! Nordstrom replies You're too kind! Glad that we could help and we appreciate your time.  Josh Daniel wrote @nordstrom is your site down? I can't check out, can't chat with customer service, and the phone goes straight to hold music. He later says Yes, it kept saying the site hit a snag. I finally got through, though even after I got to the login page I got several "the site hit a snag" messages

When we visit their Twitter page natively, we can see a likely reason why: they respond to their Twitter mentions quickly and with intent to solve the problem. One customer turned advocate even praised them for their customer service resolution.

Increase Engagement After a Purchase

Keeping customers satisfied and engaged with your brand after their purchase is essential to retaining their business in the future. Happy customers can be turned into advocates with exceptional customer service and effective branding.

Identifying the right topics and tone can help you create resonating content with your target customers and motivate them to share your posts. Monitoring the sentiment of mentions of your brand with Nuvi Listen will help you determine when your content strategy is successful, and when it needs revision. Content that customers relate to will naturally draw more engagement. Having meaningful conversations with your customers by engaging with them about the topics they normally discuss can help you build authentic and lasting brand loyalty. Using Nuvi Listen, you can monitor topics that are mentioned frequently by your customers and join the conversation.

You must stay connected to your customers after their purchase to motivate them to share their positive experiences. Nuvi Review allows you to send review generation reminders via text and email so your advocates can share their experiences. 

A gif of Nuvi Review. In the top left is the word Nuvi. Underneath is the navigation bar. The main categories from top to bottom are Review, Listing, Social, Messaging (beta), integrations, alerts, support, API keys. Under Reviews are subcategories and they are my reviews, send review invitations (which is bolded), invitation status, and QR codes. The main part of the page is the Create Review Invitation page. The gif shows someone putting in key information about a client such as their name, phone number, message, and the platform the review should be posted on and a preview of the message. The creator then hits send and goes to the category Invitation Status and scrolls through the list of review invitations and checks their status.

Listen to Customer Experience Feedback

Now that you have feedback from your customers, what is the next step? Listening to it! Customer feedback, especially from social media, will help you understand which aspects of your business, product or brand are keeping customers from coming back or which are pushing them away. 

Nuvi Listen’s monitors allow you to capture unsolicited feedback from social media users regarding your brand, competitors, products and services. Monitors can be set up to include indirect mentions where you are not tagged, so you’re never missing valuable feedback and can always be part of the conversation.

A tweet to Blizzard entertainment reads: Blizzard should consider making new content for classic after naxx, would keep the player base engaged afterwards #WoWClassic

Blizzard entertainment feedback picked up on a Nuvi monitor shows requests from fans on Twitter to create additional content in order to keep fans of the game engaged longer. The level referenced was the last non-expansion level added to the game and was regarded as a particularly challenging one. Blizzard could search its mentions to see if this is a common request and, if so, consider releasing additional content as promotion for a new release or in celebration of a special date or anniversary of the game. 

The feedback your customers and potential customers provide, both intentionally and indirectly on social media, can alert you to successful features, missing functionality, and unexpected use cases. These consumer insights should be used to drive new strategies and product development ideas.

With the right tools and close attention to these three tactics, your brand can tackle the causes of churn head-on and keep your customers coming back.

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