Nuvi's marketing platform shows three visualizations for customer experience management. The first is a content marketing strategy content creation card. It has social post text with the image below it, exactly how it will look with automatically posted to social media. The second is a text box to reply to a social media customer engagement that is attributed with Nuvi Engage, the customer service platform. the last is Nuvi's patented and iconic Bubble Stream which shows the conversation flow around whatever an enterprise brand chooses to monitor.
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4 Marketing Platforms to Enhance Your Customer Experience

It’s no easy task to manage multiple social media accounts or other platforms for communicating with the customer, especially at scale. Manually checking each platform eats up valuable time, and messages are sure to fall through the cracks when there’s no system in place to track them. 

To stay on top of your marketing strategies, write compelling content and ads, and engage with your audience most effectively, you’ll need tools for customer experience (CX) strategy creation and implementation, customer journey analysis, customer engagement software, and social marketing analytics.

Nuvi’s Enterprise marketing platforms optimize your marketing efforts every step of the way, both internally and for your customers. With Nuvi Listen, Plan, Publish, Engage, and Analyze, you can create and execute a comprehensive digital customer experience strategy.

NUVI Listen: Industry-leading Social Listening Platform

Listening to the conversation taking place on social media and online about your brand, competitors, and industry is an essential first step to forming your CX strategies. With insights gained from a social listening platform, you can create a better user experience. Improving the social customer experience your brand provides by identifying topics and issues that are important to your customers can help your business reduce churn and meet (and even exceed) customer expectations. 

Nuvi Listen is fueled by an industry-leading marketing AI platform in data analysis accuracy and speed of data collection called Nuvi Language Engine (NLE). In Listen, enterprise marketers can set up social media listening and monitoring rules based on keywords, competitors, industry influencers, social or online sources monitored, and a plethora of other criteria. Once a monitor is set up, Listen generates a social mention feed. 

Nuvi Listen’s Mention Feed. The feed is topped with stats like total mention in a selected time period, unique authors, shared mentions, average mentions per hour, and percentage of positive, neutral, and negative sentiment. The feed is organized by the most recent mentions the social media monitor has gathered. It shows the content, or a snippet of it if it's long, the author, and several statistics like sentiment score, emotion score, vulgarity, and influencer score. At the bottom of each mention are buttons that enable users to like, share, comment, or save a mention. The feed is organized by rows of three.
Nuvi Listen’s Mention Feed

Each mention is individually analyzed by some of the NLE’s 20 language facet metrics, as seen at the top of each mention card above. These include emotion analytics, sentiment analysis, vulgarity analysis, and more. To learn more about the analytics on these mention cards, read Customer Experience Management: Nuvi’s All-New Language Engine.

Nuvi's sentiment social analytics in two dashboards: Nuvi's patented Bubble Stream and Sentiment Score
Nuvi's sentiment social analytics in two dashboards: Nuvi's patented Bubble Stream and Sentiment Score

As a key staple of the social listening platform, Nuvi's patented Bubble Stream graph gives a visual representation of sentiment and makes it easy to identify and analyze your audience or competitor's real-time social data. There are many more social analytics dashboards available for deeper analysis of social data, and they will be discussed later in this article.

As Nuvi Listen helps point you towards topics, keywords, and influencers that are meaningful to your audience, it is a versatile and valuable marketing platform solution for brand management, crisis management, reputation management, event management, market research, competitor analysis, and many more use cases. Ultimately, the brand listening tool is designed to help you build meaningful connections with your customers, customer loyalty, and ROI through customer-centric strategies. 

Your customer journey strategy is only as good as the data it’s derived from; it’s essential to keep them updated with comprehensive, real-time data in order to keep providing your customers with an optimal customer journey. 

NUVI Publish: Content Marketing Strategy and Automatic Post Scheduler

Once the customer experience and data analysis have been completed, the next step is to translate them into strategies for branded content marketing, product development, customer engagement marketing, etc. Effective advertising strategies will help compensate for any gaps between customer expectations and experience and build customer loyalty by creating resonating and relevant content. Nuvi Publish is where strategy is workshopped into the actual ads and social posts your brand will put out. With Publish, the brightest minds on your team can collaborate to drive your social customer experience strategy into action.

NUVI Publish's calendar view of a content marketing strategy. The calendar takes up most of the screen . Each day that has social posts shows the beginning of the content and what time it is scheduled for or if green check mark if it's been successfully published. To the right of the calendar is a column showing an expanded form of the content creation cards. The column will automatically show the posts for the day a user has selected on the calendar.
NUVI Publish's calendar view of a content marketing strategy

Nuvi Publish is one of the company's main social media management tools for multiple accounts as it is set up for easy strategic planning and collaboration with a team. It allows you to assign posts to the team members who need to write, edit, or weigh in on them. You can also mention any user in the comments to notify them that their attention is needed. 

Large enterprise or multi-location marketing teams can easily share thoughts, collaborate, and keep track of edits made to content with Publish. Every aspect of the post can be customized, with options for platform-specific content to account for each social platform's unique trends and demographics. Tailoring content to each platform and your audience will lead to the creation of shareable content that increases awareness about your brand and eventually increases your customer base, too.

With both calendar and KANBAN-style board workflow views, you can easily view the big picture progress of your content-based marketing and it allows you to add, find, strategize, and review images and copy in one convenient location.

NUVI Publish's workflow for content creation. The workflow is customizable, but this example shows four columns: Ideas, copy production, copy review, and creative production. In each column there is a condensed version of the content creation card.
NUVI Publish's workflow for content creation

Within the Nuvi platform, you can finalize your content and schedule it to be published on multiple social media platforms--or publish it right then and there--all in one easy-to-use interface. As an automatic content scheduling tool for social media platforms, you’ll save time by scheduling once instead of publishing to each platform individually.

NUVI Publish's content creation cards are set up so a user can select which social platforms the content will be published too. Below that, a user can chose to customize content by network or keep it uniform. Below that option is the text box for the content. Below that is where the posts image is placed. At the bottom of the card, a user can select what day and time it will be published, and there is a button for saving, scheduling, and deleting content.
NUVI Publish's content cards where content is created and creative added, each tailored to the social media platform it will be sent to.

With Publish’s permissions-based access and content approval processes, you can even create Nuvi accounts for influencers and external teams to publish to your channels without compromising account security by sharing passwords as well as closely monitor brand alignment.

Nuvi Publish assisted with product content marketing, time management, brand management, reputation management, to name a few.

NUVI Engage: Social Media Engagement Strategy

Your social media marketing team’s job isn’t done once the post is published. It’s also essential to monitor responses and reactions to the content the team puts out. Monitoring your mentions will allow your team to efficiently identify and resolve customer service issues and implement best practices for social media engagement

Studies have shown that customers are more likely to forgive mishaps from brands that they have engaged with on social platforms. Engage helps your team respond directly to social media users, creating stronger bonds and customer loyalty. By monitoring your custom Engage inbox, you can gauge and manage individual customer engagements.

NUVI Engage's customizable customer engagement queue. Engage is set up with four columns: the first on the left lists all the queues a user can see and how many engagements are in each. The second is a list of all the customer engagement for the selected queue. The third is where a customer service representative can reply or react to comments, DMs, other messages. The last is where internal dialogue can occur. Users can ask other team members questions, design and chose standard responses to save time, and fill out or review the customer's interaction history.
NUVI Engage's customizable customer engagement queue

As a customer engagement platform and social customer care solution that recognizes each company’s audience is different and needs to be handled at scale, Nuvi Engage is customizable for your needs.

  • Set up custom queues for certain teams based on keywords, language, or more
  • Once queues are made, DMs, comments, or @mentions are auto-categorized according to the rules you set
  • Industry-leading language analysis in speed and accuracy so the right message goes to the right team instantly
  • Flag high priority DMs, comments, or @mentions in real-time and respond immediately
  • Team members can claim and own incoming messages
  • Built to flow with your team organization, not the other way around
  • Analyze incoming messages holistically and individually

NUVI Analyze: Highly Accurate Social Analytics

The final step in our cycle is to analyze the performance of your customer experience strategy. Nuvi Analyze provides social analytics for all of Nuvi’s customer experience management platform. It enhances the platform by giving you the power to measure content and inbound marketing efforts, social media engagement strategy, brand touchpoint analysis, and more, so you can focus on the tactics that work for your company, or move away from the ones that do not. 

Nuvi’s Analyze is an amalgamation of social analytic dashboards. Most can be applied to Nuvi Listen, Publish, and Engage, but some are specific to the solution. Here’re some examples of dashboards per solution.

Four of Nuvi Analyze’s social listening analytics for Nuvi Listen. They are organized in two rows of two. The first on the top row is a social analytic dashboard showing trending adjectives in both a list format and pie chart. The second is a web chart showing trending actions. The first of the second row is emotion analytics in the form of a petal chart. The last social analytic dashboard is a multi-colored wordcloud of trending entities or nouns.
Four of Nuvi Analyze’s social listening analytics for Nuvi Listen

Four of Nuvi Analyze’s social metrics trackers for Nuvi Publish. They are in two rows of two. The first on the top row is a list of social posts organized by most clicked posts. The second dashboard on the first row is the sentiment score of customer engagements with a brand's social post. The first of the second row is a control chart showing the change in followers. The last social analytics dashboard is a total follower timeline.
Four of Nuvi Analyze’s social metrics trackers for Nuvi Publish

Six of Nuvi Analyze’s social media analytics for Nuvi Engage. They are organized in two rows of three. The first is multi-colored wordcloud of trending phrases among social media customer engagements. The second is sentiment scores for the same engagements. The third and last on the first row is a line graph displaying when the engagements occurred. The first social analytics dashboard on the second row shows average resolution time in a control chart. The second on that row shows resolutions over time also in. a line chart view. The last dashboard is a list of users and shows the number of resolutions by author.
Six of Nuvi Analyze’s social media analytics for Nuvi Engage

With Analyze’s many options for segmentation and visualization, you can bring your social data to life. The social analytics are capable of analyzing all data holistically for any time period or individually.

After you’ve evaluated your cx strategy performance (which can be analyzed in real-time), you can update your strategy with the insights from Analyze. Also, going back to Listen before making adjustments will empower you to know if there are current events or a change in customer sentiment that may affect data you’re seeing for Publish or Engage.

Many marketing teams have the talent and the hustle to succeed on social media but are held back by inefficient or dated processes, data, and tools. With these 4 holistic customer experience management solutions, you’re on your way to the most effective social strategies and content you’ve ever created. 

Interested in learning how Nuvi can work for your company specifically? Set up a demo and we’ll show you!

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