The tall card lays on a dark blue surface. The middle on lays over the others. That front and center card reads Enterprise: Single brand| Large teams. Beneath is a list of Nuvi Products and Solutions that are best for Enterprise teams: Nuvi Listen, Plan, Publish, Engage, and Analyze with a learn more button at the bottom. To the right of this card is one that reads Multi-Location: Multiple locations | Varying sizes. The products for this solution are Nuvi Listen, Plan, Publish, Engage, Analyze, Locate, Review, and Capture. The left of the first card is one that reads Local: Single-multiple locations | small teams. The products for this solution are Nuvi Locate, Review, Capture, and Smart Social.

5 Tools to Enhance Your Marketing

It’s no easy task to keep track of all the social media accounts a marketing team manages. Manually checking each platform eats up valuable time, and messages are sure to fall through the cracks when there’s no system in place to track them. To stay on top of your social media marketing, write compelling content and ads, and engage with your audience most effectively, you’ll need tools for social listening, strategy and content management, and social performance analysis.

Nuvi’s Enterprise Suite optimizes your marketing efforts every step of the way, from planning to reviewing your campaign’s success. With Nuvi Listen, Plan, Publish, Engage, and Analyze, you can create and execute a comprehensive digital marketing plan.


Listening to the conversation taking place on social media about your brand, competitors, and industry is an essential first step to forming your advertising strategies. With insights gained from social listening, you can create a better customer experience. Improving the social customer experience your brand provides by identifying topics and issues that are important to your customers can help your business reduce churn and meet customer expectations. 

Nuvi's bubble stream shows positive, neutral, and negative sentiment through green, blue, and red dots. The bigger the dot, the more followers or influence the author has. In this example, a larger blue dot is highlighted and several other dots are linked to it with black lines and also highlighted. The tweet from the larger dot that all the others shared is by Tatiana Prowell, MD and she wrote: Airlines should train staff on this from of implicit #bias. #womeninmedicine and MDs of color who respond to in-flight emergencies experience this all the time. Treat your unpaid medical pr....
Nuvi Listen is fueled by an industry leading Language Engine that has 80% accuracy in sentiment analysis. Listen's bubble chart gives a visual representation of sentiment and makes it easy to identify and analyze your audience or competitor's real-time social media data.

Nuvi Listen helps point you towards topics, keywords, and influencers that are meaningful to your audience so you can build meaningful connections with your customers through content. Employing social listening to keep an eye on your competitors’ strategies and performance can also help you improve your own strategy. Your strategies are only as good as the data they’re derived from; it’s essential to keep them updated with comprehensive, real-time data in order to keep providing your customers with the customer experience they desire. 


Once you gather insights about your audience, the next step is to translate them into strategies- content, product development, customer service initiatives, etc. Effective advertising strategies will help compensate for any gaps between customer expectations and experience and build customer loyalty by creating resonating content. Nuvi Plan is where strategy is workshopped into the actual ads and social posts your brand will put out. With Plan, the brightest minds on your team can collaborate to drive your social customer experience strategy into action.

Nuvi Plan is set up for easy strategic planning and collaboration with a team. In this example, a Facebook post has been assigned to the team designer and content marketer. The top of the image shows Assignments (2), Event Files (1), and Copy Review. The first identifies who and how many are assigned to a certain post, the second is pictures or other files attached to the post, and the last is the work flow section it's in. Two black lines form Assignments goes to an image of a girl who's smiling and has brown hair and a young possibly latino man with dark, styled hair. A text box next to the woman's image says Images for Facebook are ready for your made writing skills! Next to the young man's picture is Right on! Thanks so much. Design looks great btw.
Nuvi Plan is set up for easy strategic planning and collaboration with a team.

Plan allows you to assign posts to the team members who need to write, edit, or weigh in on them. You can also mention any user in the comments to notify them that their attention is needed. Large or multi-location marketing teams can easily share thoughts, collaborate, and keep track of edits made to content with Plan. With both calendar and Kanban board workflow views, you can easily view the big picture progress of your social media content. Nuvi Plan allows you to add, find, strategize, and review images and copy in one convenient location.


Within the Nuvi platform, you can finalize your content and schedule it to be published on multiple social media platforms--or publish it right then and there--all in one easy-to-use interface. Every aspect of the post can be customized, with options for platform-specific content. Each social platform has its own trends and demographics; your publishing tool should account for that, right? Tailoring content to each platform will lead to the creation of shareable content that increases awareness about your brand and eventually increases your customer base, too. With Publish’s permissions-based access, you can even create Nuvi accounts for influencers and external teams to publish to your channels without compromising account security by sharing passwords.

Nuvi Publish uses a KANBAN style workflow to help team know where their content is at as far as strategy implementation. When it gets to the schedule workflow, Publish automatically published the post to assigned social platforms at a time the team indicates. The image shows Nuvi's five step workflow: Ideas, copy production, Copy review, creative production, and final approval. An image of smile white woman with brown hair is associated with copy production, the young man from before is associated with copy review, and young black man wearing a stripped red and black shirt is associated with creative production.
Nuvi Publish uses a KANBAN style workflow to help team know where their content is at in the content creation process. When the post is done, Publish automatically published the post to assigned social platforms at a time a marketing team indicates.


Your social media marketing team’s job isn’t done once the post is published. It is also essential to monitor responses and reactions to the content the team puts out. Monitoring your mentions will allow your team to efficiently identify and resolve customer service issues. Studies have shown that customers are more likely to forgive mishaps from brands that they have engaged with on social platforms. Staying engaged with your customers also helps reduce churn. Engage helps your team respond directly to social media users, creating stronger bonds and customer loyalty. By monitoring your unified Engage inbox, you can gauge and manage individual customer reactions to implemented strategies.

Nuvi Engage shows a direct social media message. It's from Liza and from what we can read her message says @SSU seriously!! ... that's literally what's... back from going to... A black line from her message goes to a list of the company's marketing team members. The response of this post is assigned to Devon Williamson. A box below shows that the post is scheduled for a response in 3 hours.
Nuvi Engage helps marketing teams see and manage direct messages or @mentions across social media.


The final step in our cycle is to analyze the performance of your campaigns. Nuvi Analyze gives you the power to measure content strategy effectiveness so you can focus in on the tactics that work for your company, or move away from the ones that do not. With Analyze’s many options for segmentation and visualization, you can bring your social data to life. After you’ve evaluated your performance, you can update your new strategy with the insights from Analyze. Then go back to Listen and see if there are real-time factors within or affecting your target audience that you need to be aware of before adjusting your strategies in Plan.

Nuvi Analyze can show a company insights into their competitor's social media performance. This specific example shows a company, "You", compared to four competitors. The chart says You=11, Around the world=3, -73%, Global Holidays= 1,-91%, Wanderlust=17, +55%, and 9 to travel 110, +900%. Analyze also lets you choose whether to analyze brand or user posts and create tags for any and all content.
Nuvi Analyze specializes in showing a company their social media strategy performance as well as competitor's

Many marketing teams have the talent and the hustle to succeed on social media but are held back by inefficient or dated processes, data, and tools. With these 5 integrated solutions, you’re on your way to the most effective social strategies and content you’ve ever created. 

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