7 New and Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About NUVI

July 20, 2017

7 New and Amazing Things You Didn’t Know About NUVI

What does NUVI DO
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Have you ever had that moment where you think you know exactly who a person is only to be pleasantly surprised when you find out they are so much more? You happen to match on Tinder with someone who is your complete opposite, only to start chatting and realize you have a lot more in common than you ever would have guessed. Who knew there was someone out there who shared your affinity for baby goats in pajamas videos? A brand is much the same way. Maybe you’ve had an experience where you are working with a company and have a certain set of expectations only to find out they do a lot more than you thought. Or maybe you aren’t working with someone because of perceived limitations. You don’t believe they can solve your problems but then one day you read an amazing blog post and it completely changes your mind about them. Well, like that paradigm shattering Tinder conversation, this blog is here to teach you some things about NUVI that you didn’t know.

Eazy-Peazy Monitor Setup

I don’t know SQL or how to create advanced boolean searches. But I do know that in the last 7 days there have been almost 2500 mentions around the topic of social listening. I also know that of those 2,500 the term “social listening” was used 492 times. It took me a few tries to get the rules set up just the way I wanted so that I was pulling in the right information, but again, I did it without any background in SQL or boolean search. How is that possible? Because NUVI makes it super easy to set up rules for what information you want and what information you want to exclude.

NUVI social listening

For example, with a competitor you would create and refine your monitor by doing this:NUVI monitor set up


NUVI monitors are easy

Pretty easy, isn’t it?

Find Influencers

Let’s face it, influencer marketing is a big deal and isn’t going away anytime soon. According to ION, “86 percent of marketers used [influencer marketing] in the last year and most marketers are looking to double their investment in 2017.” DIGIDAY reports that “Globally, marketers spent$570 million on influencer marketing on Instagram last year.” NUVI is a powerful tool to help you identify and engage with key influencers that could have a substantial impact on your business.NUVI is a powerful tool to help you identify and engage with key influencers Click To Tweet We had one client who used NUVI to find micro-bloggers who specialized in their industry and happened to write almost exclusively about competitors. This company was then able to reach out to these bloggers, Jedi mind-trick them into changing teams, and get them to start blogging for our client instead. Don’t underestimate the powers of the Darkside influencers.

NUVI social influencer

  Geofence Specific Regions

If you were to launch a new smoothie store in a city that you don’t live in, how would you conduct market research for that location? NUVI! What if you wanted to release a new flavor of smoothie in an existing market and gauge how successful it was before launching it across the whole franchise? NUVI! When you set up a monitor, you have the ability to target specific locations and limit your search to only the areas you want. This is an amazing tool that will help you get more specific data if you need to track conversations and mentions from specific locations.

  Get Text and Email Alerts

I’ve written about our awesome alerts in the past so won’t take too much of your time going through it again, but since our alerts are, in fact fantastic, I felt like it would be prudent to at least touch on it. Alerts can be a game changer. Whether you are doing damage control and trying to mitigate some PR nightmare (*cough* Pepsi and United), or just tracking influencers, alerts are your friends. Did you know that already? Bet you did.

Alerts for social listening

  Identify Reach and Spread of Your Content

When you pour your heart and soul into a piece of content, you want to know where it is going and what people are saying about it. With NUVI, you are able to monitor shares as well as track conversations using keywords related to your post. In fact, BusinessWire uses NUVI exclusively to produce reports for each of their client’s press release so they can show how the release did upon publishing. Tracking this spread can be instrumental in knowing what type of content to produce. You can see which headlines and images get picked up and spread and which don’t.

When you pour your heart and soul into a piece of content, you want to know what people think of it. Click To Tweet

It is great to be able to track hashtags and mentions, but your ROI is dependent on much more than that. You need the ability to prove the virality of your content or the lack thereof in some cases.

  Our Reporting is Fantastic

As I mentioned above, we feel like our reporting is pretty fantastic and will give your company a competitive edge. For brands, it is a great way to prove to your bosses that your campaigns are successful and you are doing a fantastic job. For agencies, a solid reporting tool gives you shows your clients that you are awesome and tech savvy. It fosters trust and differentiates you from your competition.

NUVI reporting is intuitive and customizable and probably most important to your exec team: it is pretty. Before exporting a report to pdf you can add labels and tags and custom copy/descriptions. You can also change the way the data is displayed. If you are spending hours and hours of your life putting together an Excel spreadsheet, well, I’m sorry. But we can help. After all, this is 2017.

  Useful to Create New Content

One of the things I love about getting to use a tool like NUVI is that it makes my job so much easier. That’s what a tool is supposed to do right? Make life easier? Our reports and monitors are so easy and intuitive they will save you hours of headache each week and make you look like a rockstar to your boss. Alerts keep you apprised of important issues so you don’t have to waste time scouring your various social media platforms looking for that needle in the haystack. Likewise, NUVI makes content creation much easier and is a huge time-saver.

Let’s go back to the example of social listening. Below are sample mentions for the most popular term in my monitor, “social listening.” Clicking on that term opens up this cute little window, giving me a preview of where that term is being used.

social listening keywords

Now you’ll notice the first example is from Robert Rose. He’s a pretty big player in the content marketing world. I know he has a lot of clout and followers. I could easily open up his tweet, read the article and write a response, or at very least use it for inspiration. I can see also that the third item down was a “How to” article. This tells me that people are still actively looking for “how to” content. I can also see what competitors are doing.

competitive research social listening

Through my monitor, I am able to see the type of content competitors are publishing so I can make sure that I am staying relevant and continuing to plan my content accordingly.


Still have questions about what NUVI does or how it can work for you? We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Want to take a demo and see first hand whether or not we are a good fit?

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