7 Reasons to Utilize Social Media Monitoring in your Advertising

April 15, 2017

7 Reasons to Utilize Social Media Monitoring in your Advertising

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By now, you should know how important social media is into today’s world.  Millions of people use social media every day, multiple times a day.  Using social media in your advertising is growing ever more important.  If you’re not using it already, it’s time to start.  And using a social media monitoring and analytics service, like NUVI, can help simplify the process. There’s no need to hire someone to personally sift through the millions of social media posts in order to figure out what’s relevant to your audiences.  The software does the footwork.  Real-time, important, accurate information is available at your fingertips.  Here are 7 reasons to utilize social media monitoring in your advertising:

1. See what your competition is doing.  

There are countless articles and blog posts dedicated to knowing your competition.  It’s critical in today’s business world.  And what easier way to see what your competition is doing than simply monitoring their social media streams?  By setting up NUVI monitors you can get notified when your competition posts to social media.

2. Identify top influencers.

NUVI makes it easy to identify and engage top influencers.  The software ranks users based on their ability to drive action.  Knowing who your top influencers are can help you customize posts toward those influencers.  You can also reach out to those individuals for help with different marketing campaigns.  By targeting your influencers and getting them to talk about you, you will be able to increase and improve your social media presence.

3. See and jump on trends.

A couple months ago zoos around the country engaged in a cute animal tweet off.  It initially started with two zoos, but as others saw what was going on, they also jumped in.  NUVI makes it easy to spot trends, enabling you to engage with users and grow your brand recognition.

4. Get real-time response to your ads.  

Unlike TV, social media advertising can result in instant response through shares, likes, and retweets.  With monitoring software, it’s possible to see these responses in real-time.  You’ll be able to see what works and what doesn’t then adjust your ads as needed.

5. Track sentiment around ads and product releases.  

This one relates to reason four.  NUVI allows you to see what the overall sentiment is around your posts.  Are your ads well received?  Do they make people mad?  With sentiment tracking it’s easy to tell, making it easier to adjust your strategies.

6. Identify engagement by region.  

Knowing where those individuals are who are engaging with your ads and posts can be extremely helpful.  You can customize an ad based on a local sports team, event, or tradition.  This can help increase brand recognition and trust.

7. Know who’s talking about you (and who’s not).  

It’s important to know who’s talking about you.  Listening to those individuals can help you know what’s working, what’s not, and how you can change your product to better fit your customers.  But what about the people who aren’t talking about you?  By utilizing monitoring and listening services, you can know who is engaging and who isn’t.  Then you can tailor ads to motivate those who aren’t.


There’s no better way to know what your customer wants and who they are than by monitoring social media.  These are some of the why’s.  Let NUVI show you the how’s.

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