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Anticipation Intelligence: How Living in the Present Helps Us See the Future

Everyone keeps talking about customer experience in the past tense. At best, we are saying things like “respond to customer’s expectations in real-time.” At least that brings the problem solving to the present.

Living in the Past to Create a Better Future

Traditional CX relies on the past, namely, a past experience to analyze. “How would you rate your experience?” “How willing would you be to recommend x, y, z based on your past experience?”

Look familiar?

Solutions like surveys, reviews, etc are great to gather feedback. But they only solve part of the problem. If you’re only relying on these types of feedback solutions, you’re in the business of cleaning up a poor experience or preventing a poor experience from happening. It’s a reactive first, proactive second approach.

Seeing the Future by Living in the Present

The other part of the equation lies in seeing the problem coming, which requires real-time data. And not just real-time data among your customer base, but among non-customer audience members whose loyalty competitors are fighting for.

How much more effective and efficient could your CX strategy be if you included anticipation intelligence data? It’s time to call your offensive line on the field and stop playing defense all the time.

How to Anticipate the Future

Of course it starts with data. But the key is in how the data is enriched and analyzed for insights. It’s not enough anymore to rely on sentiment alone. Sentient human beings have emotions and have learned to express them in real-time language across social channels.

In order to see where people will be in the future, analyze where they are right now.

It’s basic physics—an object will not change its motion unless acted upon. In other words, a person’s opinion and expressions won’t change motion unless acted upon by another force, like an influencer in their life or an experience.

Consider how Unearth, our client, was able to use our platform to anticipate the future. Many of Unearth’s clients operate in the political sphere. As such, they need to be in the know and stay ahead of conversations, political trends, and events that may impact their clients.

“There are so many times an opportunity or moment arises where we’ve been ahead of everybody in the campaigns. We’re working on political campaigns where there’s a team that works with consultants, a team that’s getting ready for a TV ad campaign, there’s the core team with the guy who’s hired everybody, there’s the people working with the press, all of those groups—we’re ahead of all of them every single time,” Unearth reports.

Unearth shared one such event that occurred during the summer of 2020.  

Anticipation in Action

8:00 AM
Unearth received a Nuvi alert. The alert, sent through Slack, informed them that a protest would occur in a few hours in front of a client’s home and that the press would be there.

8:15 AM
Unearth sent a message to their client, notifying them of the event. The client was able to leave their home safely before the protesters and press arrived. Later the client thanked Unearth for notifying them and asked them to continue alerting them of similar situations. As this event occurred outside work hours, it was extremely valuable to receive the information before getting to work that morning and potentially alerting the client too late.

Of the event, Unearth Digital Coordinator Matthew Mitchell said,

“They particularly release these statements over websites that aren’t really your typical news publication. These statements get zero engagement, nobody ever shares these things on Facebook or Twitter, so Buzzsumo always comes back with no data. But Nuvi is able to pick up this URL by the mention, by the specific set of keywords, which we have set up into the Nuvi alert system, which allows us to be able to just rely on Nuvi for that type of grabbing and alerting.

We, of course, look back at it over time, which Nuvi assists very well with. But it is cool that Nuvi knows what’s going on with your issue or campaign before the public even has a chance to engage with it and take off with it.”


As we march into the future with more focus on enhancing the experiences of our customers and those we serve, we won’t abandon the perspective that the past insightfully provides us. We will, however, find ourselves increasingly relying on present, real-time social data to anticipate the future.

To learn more about how you can anticipate the future using Nuvi, check out why people choose us over competitors and request a personalized demo.

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