Audiences Goes Fishing

May 17, 2016

Audiences Goes Fishing

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Home Audiences Goes Fishing By Jacob Jenne on Audiences, Fishing | 17 May 2016

With the warmer weather approaching in our area, we started a little research portfolio this week to see what people are saying on Facebook about fishing. We chose to do a slightly more advanced boolean logic search instead of a simple list of keywords. Here’s what it looked like: ((“fishing” AND “rod,reel,tackle,bait,bass”) OR “walleye,catfish,northern pike,largemouth bass,smallmouth bass”).

We chose this boolean logic approach so we could capture people talking about fishing terms that have multiple meanings like bait and bass. Knowing that those terms can mean several different things, we set up our logic to also require the word fishing. Then we threw in a few popular sporting fish species to gather more data about the topic.

The results were interesting. There wasn’t really any talk collected about specific equipment or anything of that sort. Pretty much all the conversation had to do with species of fish and dinner.

Fishing Facebook Topics

The image above shows the most popular Facebook interest pages that were mentioned in the posts we collected. Not surprisingly, Fishing topped the list. What was surprising to us was how high catfish ended up. That’s insight #1. If we worked for a fishing equipment company making lures or rods or reels, knowing that catfish is mentioned more than other fish would really help us tailor our social media ad campaigns toward the right people.

The second insight we found was in the gender breakdown of those Facebook interest pages. Notice that Fishing, Fish, Catfish, Walleye and Dinner have a much higher female interaction than Bass fishing or the generic topic Day.

This sparked a little investigation. We started clicking through some of the Facebook interests that were mentioned and noticed a huge number related to cooking. Without fail the topics that were more related to the sport (like very specific species of fish or equipment) had largely male interactions. However, anything related to food (e.g. Breakfast, French Fries, Broccoli, Cajun, Cake, Dinner) had mostly female interactions.

Fishing Topics by Gender

You might say that these results are obvious. But pause to recognize that most of the interactions on Facebook are female. That means that most of the interactions on social media that have to do with fishing are actually about cooking the fish caught.

Fishing Demographics

Think about how that changes the marketing efforts for companies that make fishing lures. If the people on social media are largely talking about cooking fish are there ways to connect that interest with catching the fish? Could a campaign promoting catfish or walleye recipes to women on social media help create more interest in fishing? Maybe and maybe not. It’s up to you to decide what to do with all this information. Rest assured that Audiences by NUVI will give you the data you need to make important decisions about your product, marketing and messaging.

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