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April 04, 2018

Time Series: NUVI’s newest groundbreaking feature.


We often get the question, “How can our brand’s social identity have any impact on actual day-to-day business in real life?” Many people see social media as simply a place to talk about cats and post pictures of the food you eat and the mess your kids make. They don’t see any correlation between something […]

March 06, 2018

Every Brand Needs To Know What The Internet Is Saying About Them (And How It Could Lead To A Billion Dollar Loss)


Social media has sparked an evolution in online marketing. Influencers now have the ability to promote or dismantle a brand with a single post. If a brand doesn’t know what their followers and consumers are saying about them, they can risk losing their reputation, following, and ultimately a drop in sales. With the click of […]

August 10, 2017

Social Listening and Big Data. How the audience created the product.


*Updated post originally published in May, 2016 We recently turned up the oven heat by collaborating with one of our clients who is a worldwide fried pastry company. In working side-by-side with their amazing client success manager, they finely tuned their social media listening to track exactly how their consumers scarf down each cream-filled goodie. […]

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