Bear Butt Hammies

November 28, 2017

Bear Butt Hammies

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Olivia Noli

Olivia Noli is the marketing intern at Nuvi.

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Bear Butt Hammocks were first sold in 2015. The Bear Butt Team has grown significantly in the past two years, thanks in part to their goal of providing high-quality products at half the price of their competitors, but this growth is also due to their aggressive social media marketing strategy. In just 2 years, Bear Butt Hammocks have grown their Instagram following to 32.8K and their Facebook to 61K. Bear Butt is a company that is doing social media right and one you want to mimic.

Social Media Strategy

Targeted Ads

I first became aware of Bear Butt through their Facebook and Instagram ads. I’m not an outdoorsy person and I’d never been hammocking in my entire life (I was missing out) so I would have never paid attention to a retail display, but by using Instagram and Facebook ads targeted to a local audience, Bear Butt was able to reach me. Since they are housed just ten minutes from my apartment, localized ads reached me. 

Facebook offers parameters in order to reach a targeted audience. You can add demographics and psychographics, such as interests. This allows you to market to your specific audience and reach the individuals most likely to buy your product. Say you wanted to market to single mothers: you could specify “motherhood,” “single,” “single parent,” and “mom” in the keywords in order to reach your audience.  It’s also important to target your ads visually, in order to reach your audience.


Bear Butt has very specific messaging structures. While they do have the cheapest prices, they actually focus more on their company culture in their messaging. Most of their images feature people smiling in hammocks in scenic locations, however, their video ads have a distinct party atmosphere. By branding themselves as a party company, they reach many college students. Since they are based in a college town, their messaging strategy is perfect. By creating video ads and images that follow this strategy, they have content that reaches a specific audience. 

Quality Content

While Bear Butt’s images can be kind of standard, with basic images of people smiling on hammocks, they are still high quality. You won’t see a low resolution or unprofessional photo on their accounts-they obviously aren’t college kids using smartphones. Occasionally, they even set up unusual photos, just to shake things up on their feed. Similarly, their Youtube account has multiple videos, from music montages to informational videos about their product. While Bear Butt does not have a blog, their email content is definitely on par with their social media content. With their logo spread out throughout the email, they have the most important information at the top of the email and links to their social media at the bottom. By linking back to their other accounts, as well as their website, Bear Butt shares quality content that leads back to their sales.

Personal Hashtag

#BEARBUTTTEAM is the Bear Butt personalized hashtag. This allows Bear Butt to monitor people promoting their content on social media. By having a specific hashtag, they narrow their search for people using and reviewing their hammocks. Having a personalized tag will help in the future by making it easier to track their brand with social listening


So how can you use Bear Butt’s strategies to grow your own business?

  • For starters, brand yourself appropriately; creating a “party” atmosphere with your content might not be a good idea if you provide legal services, but focusing on a business professional theme would be.
  • After you have branded yourself, determine your key publics. If you are a brick and mortar candy store, you may want to focus on locals while building an audience. Specifically, you would want to target parents and their kids.
  • Use targeted ads. For example, when you “boost” a Facebook post, you have the option to specify your target audience. You can select gender, age range, location, and input various demographic and psychographic information. In the candy store example, you might input keywords like “sweet tooth,” “parenting,” and “candy.” By doing so, you can reach more people who will be more likely to be interested in your business.
  • Part of running a successful social media account is having quality content. You have to post high-quality images on a regular basis, otherwise, your followers will lose interest. Along with having high-quality photos, you also have to have multiple forms of content. Add different kinds of images (a picture vs. a meme), video, and live video to attract more followers and increase engagement.
  • Assuming you want people to share your content, coming up with a personalized tag can help organize your content. If you have a generic name, you may need to create something unique to classify your posts. Take Cozy Fashion, a shop in Provo, Utah. By using #cozy and #cozyfashion, they will mostly see people tagging comfortable outfits rather than the Cozy brand. They worked this out by using #cozyfashionprovo. This hashtag is a little long, but it works. A better tag would be #cozyprovo since it’s shorter and easier to remember.


You too can grow your business by following Bear Butt’s social media model. By crafting your content to appeal to your target audience, you can reach new customers and grow your clientele. Personalized hashtags and a carefully crafted company culture can also help spread brand awareness, which will help you reach more consumers.


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