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August 22, 2016

What Snapchat Memories Means for Your Brand’s Marketing Strategy


Snapchat used to be the platform for instant photo sharing (with the premise that the content will disappear after 24 hours). Take a picture, post it, and 24 hours later, it’s gone forever. But, like other social media tools, things are changing with Snapchat. The company recently announced a new aspect called “Memories.” As the […]

July 01, 2015

NBA’s Social War Room


NUVI NBA’s Social War Room by Scott Kendal Brown 2015-07-01 Imagine spending every minute of your adolescent life, preparing to win the lottery of making it into the NBA. Attempting to manage schoolwork, basketball, and life, all for the extremely small chance of being 1 of the only 60 that gets drafted. On top of […]

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