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December 01, 2016

7 Things That Are Killing Your Organic Facebook Posts


Organic social branding remains a powerful resource for today’s small businesses and large companies. Defined as the use of free tools and platforms to build a social community that allows the business to interact directly with the customer, organic social branding can help your business to market, answer customer concerns, and develop new ideas. But, […]

August 19, 2016

How Worldwide Brands Use Periscope


When it comes to digital marketing, video is at the forefront of success. Video gets results. People want to watch video on social media, and they are doing it in record numbers. These statistics show its value: • 74% of B2B marketers say that video now converts better than other types of content. • By […]

August 09, 2016

Who Does It Better for Brands? Instagram Stories vs Snapchat


By now you’ve probably heard of Instagram Stories–the Snapchat copycat. It’s no secret that Instagram Stories is mimicking the very successful app. In fact, according to CEO Kevin Systrom, “They [Snapchat] deserve all the credit.” Copycat or not, this new feature may have huge effects on how people interact on social media. And that means […]

June 08, 2015

The Verdict on Your Brand


Home RSS The Verdict on Your Brand By Bill Hoops | 08 Jun 2015 In the younger days of social media, 2007, an injury victim sought damages for her “chronic pain” and a “loss of enjoyment of life” after being rear-ended in a car accident.  She claimed that she was unable to enjoy activities and […]

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