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December 19, 2016

How Facebook Expanded Its Focus On Local Businesses In 2016


With 60 million-plus businesses now using Facebook pages, the social network has become a marketing and advertising powerhouse. However, it is not just national brand pages that are taking advantage of its immense clout. In the past year, Facebook has taken major steps to make itself the primary destination for location marketing. From initiatives like […]

December 01, 2016

7 Things That Are Killing Your Organic Facebook Posts


Organic social branding remains a powerful resource for today’s small businesses and large companies. Defined as the use of free tools and platforms to build a social community that allows the business to interact directly with the customer, organic social branding can help your business to market, answer customer concerns, and develop new ideas. But, […]

Organic Facebook Best Practices
November 29, 2016

7 Facebook “Dos” To Increase Organic Engagement


Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, said in his first quarter 2016 earnings call that people are spending 50 minutes every day on the company’s apps. And, every minute of every day, one-million pieces of content are shared on the site. While there are some that say organic social branding isn’t the way to go, […]

August 18, 2016

5 Ways to Crush It With Facebook Live


  Even if you haven’t braved through a Facebook Live video yourself, you surely have seen them. A simple scroll through the News Feed brings up plenty of celebrities, news sources, and brands using the Live feature to connect with their audience, and it’s working. You’re Using Facebook in your Marketing, Right? First, let’s consider […]

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