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starbucks unicorn frappuccino
May 05, 2017

Blending Unicorns and Coffee: A Bizarre Experiment And What We Learned From It.

Porter Plant

Disclaimer: We aren’t actually advocating the literal blending of unicorns and coffee. Unicorns.  If you’ve been online at all recently (in the last 2 years), you know how obsessed the internet is with unicorns.  There are unicorn onesie’s, unicorn stuffed animals, animals dressed up as stuffed unicorns, unicorn movies, unicorn makeup tutorials, and yes, even […]

January 12, 2017

Bloggers Are The New “Word-Of-Mouth”


When I first moved to Salt Lake City, finding a new hairstylist was a nightmare. I’d been with mine for more than six years before I moved from San Francisco, and up until I moved she was the only person I trusted with my hair. I even joked about flying out to see her every […]

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