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September 06, 2017

Be a PR Superhero With Data

Porter Plant

PR professionals are like the Harry Potters of the business world. They do awesome things and can produce amazing results for their companies and clients, and yet are often relegated to the metaphorical room under the stairs. In a recent webinar, NUVI partnered with the amazing Serena Ehrlich of BusinessWire to talk about ways PR […]

Monitors help identify new customers
July 31, 2017

Find New Customers With Opportunity Monitors

Porter Plant

When people think of a “social listening” software, they tend to think of use cases such as monitoring their own brands to gather what we call “unsolicited feedback.” Likewise, they will create monitors around their competitors for market research. In either instance, the keywords used are going to revolve around the brand names. For example, […]

September 14, 2015

Noise, Data and Your #SocialEinstein


Home RSS Noise, Data and Your #SocialEinstein By Bill Hoops | 14 Sep 2015 Data = Noise. Social data = more noise. 1.44+ billion active users just on Facebook, noise. 4.5+ billion likes generated daily, noise. More than 5 new profiles created every second, more noise. To quote some guy named Albert Einstein, “Not everything […]

April 15, 2015

NUVI Sentiment Now in 15 Languages


Home RSS NUVI Sentiment Now in 15 Languages By NUVI on Sentiment Analysis | 15 Apr 2015 NUVI Enhances Sentiment Analysis Feature, Adds 14 New Language Options LINDON, Utah – April 15, 2015 — NUVI™ (http://www.NUVI.com), the leading solution for real-time social media listening and reporting, today announced the expansion of its sentiment analysis feature […]