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toys r us uses twitter to respond to professional soccer player complaint
March 08, 2017

Toys R Us uses Twitter to resolve potentially catastrophic customer service snafu.

Porter Plant

Social media is that proverbial double-edged sword that not only creates opportunities to showcase amazing customer service, but also gives customers unprecedented access to a world-wide audience which can be used to destroy your brand in one fail swoop.  Last week Toys R Us avoided a potential social media catastrophe through quick and personalized customer […]

February 16, 2017

2017 Social Trends – Twitter Rolls Out “Moments” for Mobile


Twitter remains the best example of a simple, highly effective social media site that has become the go-to solution for communicating with customers, engaging with fans and increasing a brand’s presence online. Now, Twitter is announcing a new tool, called Moments, that offers another avenue for brands like your own to reach a larger audience and […]

December 07, 2016

6 Things That Are Ruining Your Twitter


Many companies and brands have a love-hate relationship with Twitter. Initially, it seems easy enough to use. Just send out 140-character tweets to people following the company and follow them back. Then, though, there’s no interaction and you don’t see that all-important re-tweet happening. Twitter can be really great, but it’s all about how you […]

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