A darker skinned woman poses for a selfie while doing the peace sign with her fingers. Next to her is Nuvi Capture, for which she is taking the picture. The Capture examples next to her of two girls. One is giving the other a piggy-back ride. In front of the image is a classic calendar layout with the 12th circled in dark purple. Both the woman taking the picture at the Nuvi Capture example have a circular white background behind them. The rest of the image is a dark purple, which is the color associated with Nuvi Capture. The symbol for Capture is in the bottom left corner. It is a square with two point-tipped ovals that lay perpendicularly over each other within it.
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Capture Post-Coronavirus Success Today

As we approach the reopening of American businesses after Coronavirus shutdowns, consumers may be apprehensive about returning to nonessential businesses while we wait for a vaccine to be developed. How do you reassure customers that you’re taking steps to reduce the possibility of coronavirus transmission? 

Communication is key! You have to let your customers know that their safety is of utmost importance, but just telling them may not be enough. With the stakes so high, it can be more effective to show them what you’re doing to prepare.

Sharing photos on social media is a great way to kill two birds with one stone— you’re ramping up your business’ online presence and reassuring your customers that it’s safe to come back! Statistics have shown that many small and medium-sized businesses underutilize social media platforms even though many customers consult social media before making a purchase.

Maybe you have taped-off areas showing how customers can stand in line 6 feet apart, or your staff wears matching masks, or you do extra disinfecting of high traffic areas several times per day. Photos depicting these practices are the best way to prove to your customers that you are actively working to decrease the risk of transmission.   

Nuvi Capture is here to help you share these moments with your returning and potential new customers on social channels. Capture is an easy to use camera app that allows your entire team to assist with content creation no matter where they are. Employees can select a location, start taking photos and schedule them to be posted on social media platforms directly from the app! 

Nuvi Capture looks and functions similarly to Instagram. Take a picture, put the caption on it, getting customer signatures, and post at the day and time you set. Easy as that. For this example and image of two girls, one giving the other a piggy back, is displayed in capture. The two girls are laughing. Hovering over the image and to the right is a calendar. The dates are set up in the traditional grid pattern with the days listed above with their first letter only in a grey area

Capture is also compliance enabled— you can select a general marketing release form or a HIPAA form if you’re sharing a photo of a customer. Customers can sign right in the app so you’ll have their signature and information stored. You can also opt to have the link to the social post sent to the customer, encouraging them to share it and providing your business with word of mouth advertising. Customer recommendations are always important but will be especially vital in the uncertain times that will follow the wake of the coronavirus.

Nuvi Capture's media release is easy. The picture is at the top of the phone screen. Below it is a place for the customer or customers to put their name and phone number, with an option to add a minor, and a place for them to sign. They can then check a box that will allow those using Nuvi Capture to receive a text when the image is posted. Hovering over all this is box with an expanded example of a customer's signature. This ensure compliance is enabled. The signature reads Jillian in cursive.

Are you ready to set your business up for reopening success? Set up a demo and we’ll show you how we can help.

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