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Common Content Management Obstacles and How to Solve Them

Managing your social media content strategy and creation is a complex process. Beyond strategizing and creating the content, you also need a system that helps optimize your content creation from the brainstorming phase all the way to publishing and monitoring. There are many difficulties in the content creation process that the right content marketing software can help you overcome. In this article, we’ll share a list of common problem-areas for social content creation teams and some tips to overcome them!

Tailoring Content to Customers 

In order for your content marketing to succeed, you need to reach your target audience. Improving your messaging may seem like an obvious step, but it’s the way you pursue this goal that matters. The most efficient way to improve your content marketing strategy is to listen to your customers, analyze the data you collect, and create content accordingly. 

Learning more about your audience with social listening can point you towards the type of content your target customers engage with. Content that anticipates customer needs and concerns will enhance their social customer experience, leading to stronger customer loyalty and eventually higher revenue. Tailoring content to your customers sends a message that your company cares about them, which builds positive customer perception and trust.

When content is tailored to a customer it develops customer loyalty behaviors. This images shows a man smiling as he's looking at his phone. Forming a semi-circle around his head are the five loyalty behaviors. Starting from the left and going to the right: Recommend a company, repurchasing from a company, trust a company, forgive a company, and try new offerings right away.

Nuvi’s automated sentiment, reporting, and tagging capabilities make it easy to find key insights into customer sentiment, trends, and other useful data. Learn about them here.

Collaboration & Workflow Management

James Penney once said, “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” Your team isn’t doing their best work and positioning your company for growth unless they’re working together. It’s important for your team to have content creation software that supports their collaboration. A space to brainstorm, the ability to request input from other team members, and levels for review and approval leading up to scheduling are all features that will enhance the efficiency of your company’s content creation process. With tools to enhance collaboration and efficiency, your team will be ready to tailor content to your customers and meet your goals.

A purplish blue voice bubble reads: Studies report that on average employees waste 30 minutes per day (that's 16 days per year) searching for documents or emails, and are interrupted by communication technology every 10 minutes.

Any weak point in the organization of your business will end up costing you time and money. Content management is no different—without a system, your employees will waste valuable time. Studies report that on average, employees waste 30 minutes per day (that’s 16 days per year) searching for documents or emails, and are interrupted by communications technology every 10 minutes. 

Smart content marketing solutions give your team immediate access to information that can help them quickly develop customer-centric strategies and act on it. With content marketing software that contains built-in systems for approval and a calendar view for a big-picture look at the content schedule, your team will spend less time writing emails and searching for information, and more time strategizing and creating. A notification system that lets employees know when their input or approval is needed helps your team produce content quickly and smoothly, no matter the physical location of your team members or your team’s size. 

An image of Nuvi's Plan and Publish's KANBAN-style workflow. It shows 5 of 7 workflows: Ideas, Copy production, copy review, creative production, and creative review. Beneath each of these are various images. One, under copy review, is being moved.

Check out Nuvi’s collaboration and workflow solutions–Plan and Publish.

Automating Content Publishing

After you’ve implemented systems to listen to your customers and manage your teams’ workflow, another step you can take towards an efficient social media content creation process is to invest in a content marketing platform that allows you to schedule and auto-post content. While it may seem easy to post to social media manually, it can quickly become time-consuming to log in and out of different accounts and social platforms. It also becomes hard to keep track of which content should be posted to each platform when your team needs to publish content manually. Social platforms have their own trends and algorithms, so it’s essential to have software that allows you to schedule different captions, content, or images on different platforms. Scheduling software that automatically posts your content gives your team the power to focus on the future.

In this gif, four images are being check and then added to Smart Social's gallery for future social posts.

Nuvi’s Publish solution has auto-publishing capabilities for most social media platforms.

Having the Most Up-To-Date Technology

As we’ve stated previously, the ability to efficiently accomplish these steps relies on systems that allow you to craft, tailor, organize, schedule, and auto-publish your content. The benefits of content marketing software go beyond promoting efficiency; businesses that invest in tools to improve social customer experience see increased revenues and lower customer churn. With a combination of strategy enhancing technology and the human touch that your team provides, your business will communicate with your customers more effectively and personably than ever.  

You’ll need a content marketing platform that helps you stay informed with the latest social data, perform analysis on the data you collect, and plan, organize, and publish your social content. 

Nuvi's products work in a cyclical manner. This image shows Nuvi's Enterprise products in a circle. Nuvi Listen is at the top, Nuvi Plan to the right, the Nuvi Publish, Nuvi Engage, and Nuvi Analyze, until it goes back to Listen. In the middle of the image is a Mac desktop with Nuvi written in the middle.

Discover how Nuvi can help you overcome your unique content management obstacles by requesting a demo. We strive to help all companies increase their processes so you can spend more time focusing on customer-centric strategies.

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