Create Better Content and Find Better Influencers

August 31, 2017

Create Better Content and Find Better Influencers

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Can you believe it has been three weeks since our first post about social listening and how it can increase audience engagement? If you missed last week’s post, we talked about reaching your target audience using social listening. It is pretty fantastic, so go back and check it out.

Today, our third post in this nine part series delves into topics that probably comprise the two questions our customers most frequently ask: first, how can I use social listening to create better, more relevant content? And second, how can social listening help me create better business opportunities and identify influencers? Since they are such common questions and kind of go hand in hand, we thought, why not combine both topics into one amazing blog post?? With that in mind, let’s get started!

How can social listening help me create better content?

One of the toughest parts of creating relevant content is knowing what your audience wants. There are many different ways to research what’s trending. Google Trends and Twitter’s trending hash tags are great places to start, but an active, ongoing social listening campaign can yield even better content ideas. Here are a few ways social listening can lead to better content.

Answer questions and resolve concerns

A robust social media monitoring tool like NUVI can help you identify customer questions. By actively monitoring keywords associated with your brand, product, or service you will begin to notice common questions or concerns your audience is asking. With this information, you can identify gaps in knowledge and produce “How To” content such as blog posts or videos to educate about your product or service. Furthermore, if there is a common issue with a product and people are talking about it online, you want to know about it and address it. Use your company blog to let your customers know you are aware of the problem and are actively seeking to resolve it.

A robust social media monitoring tool like NUVI can help you identify customer questions. Click To Tweet

This same thing can be accomplished by paying attention to your Twitter and Facebook pages, as many people use those platforms to communicate customer service issues. However, one advantage to using a social listening tool is that in some cases customers do not tag your brand directly or use hashtags and those mentions will not show up in your feed. If you rely solely on tagged mentions, you will miss many important customer service issues.

In this tweet, the author didn’t use @tacobell or #tacobell, but was merely replying to another tweet. Without social listening, Taco Bell would probably miss this opportunity to address a customer issue.

Understand how my audience communicates

Next, social listening will help to better understand how your target audience talks about your brand, product, and service. You will gather better insight into the buying process, how they shop, and the words they use to search. This information will be useful when creating your content because your messaging should align with your audience’s natural language.

This research will also benefit your SEO. The more you know about the way your audience communicates, the better your content will perform in search engine rankings. If you are selling fly fishing equipment and your content refers to a fly rod as a “7-10 foot bamboo, wood, or graphite device utilized to cast line and an artificial lure imitating a real fly into an aquatic environment in the hopes of successfully tempting a fish enough to bite the artificial fly” your customers probably won’t find you, and if by chance they do, they won’t know what you are talking about and won’t buy from you. While this example is obviously hyperbolic and unrealistic, hopefully, it drives home the need to learn how your customers talk about your product and then duplicate that language in your content and branding.

Identify popular topics and keywords

Finally, social listening can help you discover popular words and trends that you may have otherwise missed. In addition to the keywords in your search, NUVI will also organize your mentions by popular topics and keywords.

Trending keyword frequency
Take for example this monitor around the new Taylor Swift song. Terms such as “perfectly afraid,” “afraidpoison,” and “vanilla pop star’ were not included in the original monitor, and yet they are very popular trending keywords. From here, I could pull up specific tweets or mentions to see how these terms are used and drill down into the data for better insights into what people are talking about. If I were to blog about Taylor Swift (which I won’t) I would want to know as much about some of these obscure terms in order to make my content relevant to whoever would read that post (which I wouldn’t).

How can social media monitoring help me identify influencers and create better business opportunities?

In addition to helping you produce better content, social monitoring can have dramatic positive effects on your business and relationships with customers. In this next section, we will look at how you can use NUVI to identify and work with influencers.

Importance of influencer marketing

We’ve mentioned the rise of influencer marketing in previous posts, but it bears repeating here. Influencer marketing is taking the marketing and advertising worlds by storm. Did you know that using social media, Cristiano Ronaldo has created almost $1 billion in value for his sponsors? The explosive growth of social media influencer based advertising is truly remarkable. Many of our clients have found success and achieved tremendous growth by leveraging influencers. In one case, a ski resort was able to use NUVI to help create relationships with popular local bloggers to produce authentic content showcasing how the many awesome attractions the resort has to offer. While the audience was relatively small, they are loyal and responded to the blog posts by visiting the ski resort. These interactions, combined with aggressive Twitter outreach programs, catapulted the ski resort into some of the most profitable years ever.

But how do you find those influencers? Since you can’t just hire anyone with a massive Instagram or Twitter following to market your brand, how do you use social monitoring to identify the right person at the right time? Glad you asked.

Identify influencers

Finding the right person to represent your brand is crucial. There are plenty of fake influencers out there and some people even predict that these fake influencers could potentially ruin it for everyone else. With NUVI, you can use social listening to help identify the right influencer for your brand.

NUVI influencer tracking

This image is from a NUVI report we ran with the data we compiled from the recent Tesla Model 3 release. In the case of Tesla, the influencers with the greatest reach are going to be major news outlets. For a much smaller company, there would be posts from individuals or micro-influencers. With the ski resort example above, when we pulled in mentions around the relevant industry keywords, we were able to identify many bloggers and Twitter accounts that were either already talking about the resort, competitors, or local ski industry in general. We narrowed down the list to those with the greatest following, had the most shares and comments, and seemed like compatible personalities. From there, it was simply a matter of reaching out and engaging with these influencers to create genuine relationships. These relationships led to both sponsored and organic content. The ski resort’s social following grew across all platforms, and in a relatively short time they had a much larger audience with whom they could communicate.

While not impossible without NUVI, the lost hours spent trying to do the same research manually would have caused a significant drop in productivity for the marketing team and resulted in a much smaller ROI. Furthermore, with NUVI you can also easily track how far influencer generated content travels via shares and who comments on it. You will be able to compare different influencers to determine who is more active and engaging with their audience on a regular basis. Finally, you can set up alerts to text or email you any time any of your influencers post content using your keywords, which will give you a better measurement to determine whether the relationship is working or if you need to go another direction.


In short, social listening can significantly facilitate your content creation efforts as well as your influencer marketing. We have a team of dedicated account managers to help each of our clients accomplish all their social marketing goals. They help set up monitors and train your staff on how to maximize the ROI from your social listening campaign. Curious about influencer marketing? They can help you with that too. Interested in getting to know more about NUVI? Take a demo today! 

Make sure you check back next week when we talk about how social media monitoring can have a huge impact on your customer service efforts!

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