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Discovering Differences in Geographic Segments

Marketing in 2020 presents a number of challenges; social platforms and trends are evolving increasingly rapidly and it’s essential to update your strategy constantly to keep up. But we’re also able to gather more information than ever before, and therefore have more opportunities to make strategic, informed marketing decisions. 

You know that your marketing has to be geared to who your audience is, but it’s equally important to be conscious of where your audience is. Businesses managing multiple locations or online businesses with customers scattered across the globe must be aware of their customers’ locations in order to provide them with the most relevant information. Different local populations may have unique reactions to both your product and your marketing.

"Research has shown that location-specific digital ad campaigns are 20x more effective than ads that are not location-based."

The US is large and varied– it just makes sense that Floridians will have different needs than Alaskans. Strategic planning around these differences will allow your business to create impactful campaigns. 

So how do you know which content will perform best in each region? Social listening can provide you with the data you need to pinpoint which content trends succeed or fail in specific locations. Analyzing data like your share of voice, sentiment, and trending phrases surrounding your brand can give you important insights about different geographic markets. Using this data strategically to inform and update your marketing plan will help you make engaging content that resonates with your customers. 

As an example, let’s take a look at the differences in the Covid-19 reopening conversation across states.  

Share of Voice

Observing the amount of discussion your brand generates in different regions or markets can help your marketing team measure awareness of your brand and the success of your marketing strategy. Looking deeper into the underlying reasons as to why a campaign would have more success in one market than another will allow you to formulate the most effective marketing plans for both locations in the future. 

Looking at the share of voice graph for reopening in Texas, Georgia, and New York, it appears that “Reopening New York” has generated the most conversation in the past two weeks. This may be because it’s controversial: New York City was one of the cities hit the hardest by the pandemic and people may be skeptical of its reopening strategy. Texas and Georgia are both states that have begun the reopening process, so the discussions around their reopening appear to be decreasing as it becomes the new normal in those locations.

Nuvi Share of Voice

Observing a line graph measuring share of voice over the past month, we can see that the volume of posts about Georgia reopening was highest at the beginning of the month when it was among the first states to reopen. There was a spike in the discussion about reopening New York on April 21, when Governor Andrew Cuomo gave a press conference about reopening smaller cities upstate and the potential to reopen schools in June. It was then eclipsed by conversations about Texas, which saw its biggest spike on May 6, the day Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, issued an executive order to reopen offices, factories, gyms, and several other businesses.

Nuvi Share of Voice line graph


Analyzing the sentiment of your brand’s mentions in different locations will also help you strategically determine where you need to focus your advertising efforts. Share of voice is a great measure of brand awareness, while sentiment analysis can show your brand perception successes and failures. 

Nuvi reopening in Texas Covid-19 monitor

Above is a bubble graph showing sentiment of posts about reopening in Texas, while the graph below shows posts about reopening in Illinois. Texas had a much higher volume of data, as it was actively reopening in the past 30 days, while Illinois remains closed. Both segments only contain 1% positive posts, which lines up with a recent survey indicating that the majority of Americans do not support reopening. Although they have similarly low percentages of positive posts, the Illinois graph contains a higher percentage of negative posts. Chicago has also become a hotspot similar to New York, so its residents may be even more critical of plans to reopen too soon.

Nuvi's reopening of Illinois monitor during covid

Trending hashtags, keywords and phrases 

After analyzing share of voice and sentiment, you’ll know where you need to focus on your brand awareness and reputation management efforts. Strategic analysis of the trending hashtags, keywords, and phrases associated with your brand can help you determine what went wrong, and what content to focus on. You can segment the trending terms by positive and negative sentiment in order to learn more about your product’s perceived strengths and weaknesses in the eyes of your customers. You can also set alerts to notify you when you are mentioned on specific platforms, in specific languages, with a specific sentiment, and many more.

trending terms for Florida
Trending Positive terms for Covid-19 reopening of California

Applying this to our Covid-19 monitor, we can see that Floridian social media users expressed positive anticipation for the reopening of Disney Springs, while in California the positive conversation involved Memorial Day weekend plans.  Both positive charts included phrases like “good info” and “good rundown,” indicating that people responded positively to the dissemination of helpful information about Covid-19 reopening. 

Trending hashtags also differed by region. In Georgia, #NFL, #football, and #Church were popular hashtags added to Covid-19 reopening content as Georgia reopened its NFL training facilities and a church closed its doors due to an outbreak.  

Trending hashtags of Covid-19 reopening of California discussion

In Illinois, hashtags like #abundanceofcaution, #restartresponsibly, and #stayhome trended as its governor extended shelter in place orders and outlined a plan to reopen gradually.

Trending hashtags for reopening of Illinois during covid discussion

In California, #takeahike, #lacountyparks and #trailslacounty were popular as residents who had been sheltering in place were itching to get outside and enjoy nature.

Trending hashtags of reopening in California during Covid

Each location’s specific hashtags reflect the way the culture and interests of that population intersect with the Covid-19 crisis. Overall, our data reflects what surveys and articles have indicated: that Americans are simultaneously apprehensive about reopening and searching for a sense of normalcy (which may look different in every state) among the uncertainty brought by the pandemic.

With a large pool of data, efficient stratification tools, thoughtful analysis, and customer engagement tools, we can learn a great deal about the needs and desires of different communities. Data analysis is essential to forming and updating effective location-specific strategies for businesses that are managing multiple locations.

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