Do You Know Who Your Audience Listens To?

April 13, 2017

Do You Know Who Your Audience Listens To?

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“Activities that are not measured are activities that don’t exist: a waste of money, waste of time and waste of engagement opportunities,” says the marketing consulting company i-SCOOP. That’s a bold, but true,  statement. Monitoring is for more than preventing a crisis when it happens. In order to be a thought leader and successfully connect with people that value your brand, you’ve got to know what other thought leaders are talking about, and what platforms they’re using to get the word out. Below, you’ll find out what ways social media monitoring can help develop your brand as a key influencer among your competitors—which will put your time and resources to good use.

Who’s hot, who’s not

This isn’t high school anymore, folks—you’ve got money on the line. Knowing what thought leaders are out there, what they’re saying, and how people are responding will keep you in the know as far as what kind of messaging you should be putting out there. You can begin to identify these thought leaders by monitoring who’s mentioning your products or competitors. As you identify these accounts, whether they’re distributors or bloggers, you’ll be able to follow them and respond to their conversations. And the cherry on top? People care about who you’re following. Your brand image, plus the way potential followers find you, is impacted by who you’re following. Monitoring your posts as you reach out to key influencers will help you either make sure your approach is working or pivot your strategy to other key influencers if customers aren’t responding in the way you’d like.  

Crucial keywords

Ahh, keywords. Key influencers know keywords are essential for creating searchable content and developing a solid SEO foundation. When you combine quality content with a strategy for making it easy to find, you’ve got a golden ticket to social media success. Key influencers also use keywords to design hashtags that complement their content. Big picture: keywords help key influencers relate to customers, and they can help you relate to both of these parties.

Social media monitoring allows you to identify keywords being used across your social platforms, whether it’s by competitors, influencers, or customers. Enrich your content by incorporating these keywords when appropriate, and design hashtags using the same strategy. You’ll increase the value of your words for customers, increase your chances of interacting with or being mentioned by other key influencers, and know what content is most acceptable on which platforms. Plus, when you use relevant keywords, your chances of being found by people and organizations that want to share or interact with your content increases.

The 411

Key influencers are in the know. They use social networks to share their thoughts, ideas, and products in a way that matters to customers here and now. In order to be a key influencer and remain a key influencer, you need to monitor your customer’s perceptions, posts, and patterns. Social media monitoring allows you to see, on a global scale, what content resonates with what customers, track where your URL is being shared so you know who thinks you’re relevant, and gauge what topics and thought leaders are most influential on certain platforms.

Once in you’re in the know, you can leverage this information to make connections with key influencers and monitor performance. “To get premium placement in a major publication or for a valuable social mention, you need to develop strong relationships with reporters and other online influencers in your industry,” says PR Newswire. “Social media can be a great tool to facilitate those conversations. When you are ready with a message you need to communicate, those influencers will be listening—and can influence other influencers.”

Monitoring social media will allow you to make data-driven decisions as you become a key influencer in your industry. Put your time and money to good use by monitoring what other key influencers are doing.

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