A woman with really short, dark curly hair laughs exuberantly at something on an iPhone. A man sitting beside her laughs along even though he cannot see the screen. When content is written well, with the audience very much in mind, emotions such as this will be evoked as be associated with your brand.
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Five Ways to Strengthen Content Marketing

Ever discover a brand, product, or service because of their compelling website content, a peer recommendation or review and not because of an ad? You’re not alone and that’s because successful content marketing strategies know how to zero in on their audience, evoking more trust and appeal.

In order to effectively communicate with your audience, you have to listen to your audience. Thus the phrase “listen before you speak” comes into play. With the help of social listening, not only are you able to find out what’s being said, but how it's said, who's saying it, and ultimately turning this data into actionable insights for your marketing strategy to create content that converts.

Here are 5 key ways to get you started!

1. Listen

Listen to what people have to say about your brand. What do people really think about your brand? What are some of the complaints? What are segments in your audience based on gender or other demographics?

2. Monitor your competitors

This will broaden your scope as to your positioning in the marketplace, and to reveal opportunities that lie within your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. Conversations happening with your competitors also allows you to audit their content to determine what can be adapted or abandoned based on their performance.

3. Analyze insights

Raw data will avail nothing, no matter how abundant, unless you do something with it. With the help of Nuvi listen you’re able to identify key trends and insights from following steps 1 and 2 that will contribute to your strategy’s arsenal. Some of these trends include top influencers:

Three tall white dashboards with light grey headings stand in a row next to each other. Each has 10 influencers according to subject of the heading. The heading from left to right are: Most Reach, Most Spread, and Influencer Score.
The Top Influencers for Marvel in three categories

Or even top keyword trends:

Four white dashboards with light grey heading bars are stacked on top of each other, two on top of another two. All four show a "word cloud" of words. The categories of the top two are Trending keywords and Trending phrases. The bottom two are Trending Negative Terms and Trending Positive Terms. These are words popular in a Samsung monitor over a 24 hour period. The words display in various bright colors and size to show variability and how much a term is discussed.
Trending key words and phrases for Samsung

4. Start Strategizing

In the example screenshots above, we can use the intel collected to determine who the top influencers are that’s driving the conversation and who can potentially be implored to drive your brand’s awareness in the long run. Likewise, you can draw key takeaways from the trending keywords to dial in your tone of voice or perhaps emerging themes to write about for future content pieces or campaigns. Over time, you’ll even be able to formulate customer personas based on different recurrences in the data, allowing you to customize your strategy to cater to the varying communities within the conversation.

5. Testing

Last but not least, test out your content and further analyze. Testing out your content means to ideate, publish, and syndicate your content through all channels. Learn from your successes as well as your failures. And the awesome thing is social listening can help with measuring performance and growth of your campaign as you monitor or track it.

You can add another layer of tracking and analysis to this by using a custom URL shortener to create links for sharing your content on various platforms. By doing this, you'll be able to collect valuable click data, which will give you insight into the types of content your audience engages with most.

Social listening is paramount in driving content marketing strategies in the right direction. It provides fresh perspectives and spurs new content ideas that are impactful and relevant. Thus, social listening helps your brand create content that converts like never before.

See how your content has sparked more conversation or has expanded your brand’s presence.

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