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Four Tips to Solving Top Agency Problems

Agencies can be vastly different. They come in many forms, sizes, industry specialties - and none of them are cheap. There is no one agency that works best for every business and its objectives, and that's okay. So, you have to do your homework, become the right firm that checks all your ideal clients' boxes, and achieve their objectives to drive their business. It's no small feat. 

A common frustration most brands find with PR agencies is they have been extremely disappointed by at least one firm in the past. Considering the costly retainer charges, unspecific, and often sporadic results measurement, it’s no surprise that more brands are spending less money on outside agencies and adding their own internal pr teams.

Learn how to combat these common issues and provide meaningful results with these four top tips.  

Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk

Everyone will talk about how great they are - the trick is to prove it. Separate your agency from all the talkers and walk the walk. All that means it put your money where your mouth is. Present case studies, earned media you have secured in top publications, as well as speaking engagements and other big wins you’ve helped clients achieve. This gives prospects a clearer picture of what you can do for them, justifying any steep fees you may require. 

Your clients are your advocates

Much like applying for a new job, smart prospects are going to ask you for client references they can speak to. Don’t let that scare you. Utilize current clients that you have great relationships with who can advocate first-hand for the results you produce. This will go a long way in securing new clients. Additionally, it shows current clients how much you appreciate their business and working relationship. 

Find your niche

Knowing which industries you work best in is a critical, yet often overlooked, aspect in retaining and adding new clients to your roster. Depending on agency size, you may have multiple verticals you excel at. Whatever the case may be, go after clients that work within the industries you specialize in. If you are an agency specializing in the food industry, it wouldn’t make sense to go after a client in the entertainment industry. Unless, of course, a celebrity is launching a new food item or something of a similar nature.

Having specialties does not mean you are limiting your agency. It actually shows that you understand specific markets better than others, and you have relationships with key publications and reporters in the industry to maximize your clients' ROI. 

It's not about you

At the end of the day, you work for your clients. Naturally, they should be at the core of everything you do. Always treat clients with respect, kindness, decency, and respond to them quickly. The client is paying you top-dollar for your services, and you need to get the job done the way the client sees fit. Don’t ever let them feel like they are not valued, or you are only doing the bare minimum. Bottom line, if your clients aren’t the center of your firm, you’ll lose them. 

No matter how big or small your agency may be or what you specialize in, you have to do everything in your power to get the results your clients are paying you for. Great results will keep clients coming back, and bring in new business quicker than ever.

Learn other ways your agency can diversify its client offering in our latest guide.

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