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Google My Business Publishing to Multiple Locations

Staying top-of-mind in your audience’s lives requires more effort than it used to. New technologies present new ways to communicate with your audience—technologies with algorithms that quickly push content to the back of the shelf in place of something new, i.e. Google.

Without connecting with your audience through consistent multi-channel publishing, remaining relevant will be an obstacle.

That’s why publishing to Google My Business has become important to add to your communication strategy. Large enterprise businesses with multiple locations have a unique challenge in implementing and managing these strategies from a global and local level.

GMB multi-location publishing with Nuvi

We’ve recently solved for these challenges by adding the ability to publish to Google My Business directly within our platform with some convenient features.

As a quick reminder, a typical post to GMB contains 100-300 words accompanied by a photo or video. They’re designed for highlighting sales, promotions or events to a physical location. And as mentioned already, these posts typically expire quickly after 7 days (with the exception of the event). Hence the need to continually publish content.

1. Choose Your Post Type

We make it easy to choose which post type you wish to publish across multiple locations or just one location, whether it’s a basic content post, a call to action, event, or an offer.

2. Add essential details

Easily choose between common CTAs and add a custom URL to drive traffic.

Or add offer details.

3. Choose which locations to publish to

Finally, any and all locations you’ve connected for which you have a Google My Business instance will appear for multi-location sharing. Organize groups of locations for more control. Let’s say you want to post an offer to one region over another, simply check that region, saving you time by not replicating the post creation process.

To see our platform in action, request a demo.

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