How Agency Controls Empowers Agencies To Win

July 21, 2016

How Agency Controls Empowers Agencies To Win

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The word “win” is just a three-letter word, but it embodies a wide spectrum of what people define as success. Here at NUVI, we’re dedicated to helping our clients not just win, but win big. That’s why we’re so excited to present our latest product enhancement, Agency Controls, and these three ways in which it will strengthen your winning strategy.

1. Win New Business

New business pitches are some of the most exhilarating and exhausting events you’ll ever participate in. Hours and hours of late-night work, creating and preparing strategies just to get an edge on the competition. All with the intent to impress potential clients and win their business. And now, with Agency Controls, you’ll be equipped with a new and powerful piece of ammunition by offering them more than just a weekly report. Give them a step above: the opportunity to experience NUVI’s visually-stunning and deep, data insights in a hands-on way.

By offering clients siloed access to NUVI, you’ll be providing them with the chance to see the data for themselves. This access will enable them to discover deep, data-driven insights in real time. They will be able to witness the successfulness of all of your hard work as your campaigns and strategies roll out.

The most important thing to all potential clients is their brand, their market position, and their ability to grow and strengthen that position. Access to NUVI provides them with the answers to those questions, and it does it in real time.

2. Foster Collaboration With Current Clients

While one-half of the battle is obtaining the client, the other half is retaining them. Retention relies on trust and communication, which Agency Controls helps build and maintain.

“There are times when a client wants to dig deeper into the data on their own,” said Steven Piccione from Pulsar Advertising, “and when they can dive into the data, more than review a report, there are other insights that the client is able to identify.”

No one knows more about a client’s brand than the client themselves. Providing them with access to the data will not only improve the brand insights, but it will further develop their relationship with the agency as well. Agencies will be able to tap into their clients’ experience and historical knowledge and better collaborate future strategies as full partners.


3. Increase Revenue

Agency Controls is a revenue generator. Not only indirectly, through streamlining the efficiency of analytical and strategic processes, but also directly through an upgraded billing portfolio. With increased flexibility, you will now be enabled to breakdown billable services, for example:

• the number of mentions the client’s monitors collects monthly or
• the number of topics the client wants to monitor.

This ability to attribute cost to specific clients allows for increased service offering and increased billable hours.

At NUVI, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with the tools that they need to be successful on social media. With Agency Controls, clients will marvel at the opportunity to have direct access to the data as it comes in, while you sit back and do what you do best — create award-winning campaigns. Because let’s be honest, when everyone is on the same page, great things happen.

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