A hand holding a phone with Google maps up on a Google search and three locations are coming up. Behind the hand and iPhone 20 different sites that have you business's information such as location, business hours, and such. The icons of these companies are placed in white circle that are arranged in a grid of 4 by 5. The iPhone covers up three of the 20 icons. Some of the most prominent on this list are Apple, Google, and Yelp. The whole image is over a green background. This image is about Nuvi Local: Nuvi's software that helps local businesses, whether SMB or multi-location, keep their listings up to date, solicit reviews, and share employee-generated content.
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How Associations Can Help Their Members Thrive Through the Covid-19 Crisis

Associations have been dealt a difficult hand in this crisis— they have to protect their members in an increasingly difficult economic climate. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) and franchises are often under-digitized, which positions them to be hit especially hard as many consumers shop online to minimize their risk of Coronavirus exposure. 

According to LinkedIn chief economist Karin Kimbrough, 75% of the economy is based on face-to-face business interactions. These businesses are now rushing to convert to a more social distancing-friendly, online-focused strategy as they navigate the societal changes the COVID crisis has brought on. As many businesses sell their products, services, or consultations more online, it’s essential to keep up. 

How can you help your members stay afloat? A good first step is to ensure that businesses have the knowledge and tools they need to enhance their online presence. How can we help? Nuvi Local makes it easy to keep online business information updated, gather feedback, and share content strategically, so SMB’s can not only get online swiftly but will experience success more quickly.


Nuvi Locate makes it easy to instantly update business information to 60+ directories like Yelp, Google, and more. Having correct information on multiple platforms will help businesses appear in local searches, expanding awareness of their services. 

Nuvi Locate helps businesses update any and all locations from one intuitive platform. The image shows a sample of the sites companies can update their business listings on. There are 16 listing sites set up in a 4 by 4 grid. The icons of the companies are set in white circles. A few of the more prominent listings sites are Apple, Google, and Yelp.

If a business is experiencing a change in hours, temporary closure, or offering limited services, posting this information on any platform where a customer may look is essential. Updates to the featured message section are particularly important during this time, as they create a space to keep customers informed about the measures a business is taking to protect them from the virus. 

R&R BBQ, a local business in Utah, posted a feature image on their Yelp listing and review pages. It reads: R&R BBQ- Covid-19 Update The health and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority at R&R BBQ. We re implementing additional precautions and sanitation processes to make sure that we are doing our part to keep our community healthy. While our lobbies are temporarily closed, we are still open and offering call in orders with contactless pick-up, virtual drive-thru or free delivery through DoorDash. Nuvi Locate lets companies make these updates to all sites in one place.

As people limit the amount that they leave their houses due to Covid-19, customers are doing more online research before they shop. Make sure they have access to the right information.

Get Feedback

Reviews are one of the top influences on a consumer’s decision when browsing online. Along with extra online research on a business’ hours and services, customers will also be reading reviews to ensure that every trip outside is worthwhile. To get a step ahead, it is important to proactively respond to reviews and solicit feedback from fans and repeat customers.

A review of Blue Apron during the Covid-19 pandemic by Mary F. It has a two star rating and reads: I have had Blue Apron since 2018. While it is hit and miss with the quality of produce, overall, they have been great with delivery, quality, recipes, etc. What I am unhappy about is that with the onset of this Covid-19 virus, I was expecting the recipes that I chose would be delivered as they usually are. Today, I got this message: Due to high demand, we've had to change one or more of the recipes in your order. You can visit your Upcoming page to review the changes. This won't be the norm. We're rapidly working to adapt to the demand and serve our customers during this unprecedented time. We appreciate your patience and are glad your'e cooking with us, especially when home cooking matters more than ever." Mary F. then spoke at length about how she feels that new customers are getter more attention and priority over long-time customers. She expressed that she brought up her concern with a representative of Blue Apron and he neither confirmed or denied to assessment. Nuvi Review helps you manage and respond to all reviews, especially the ones that need to be addressed, like this one.

Nuvi Review gives businesses easy and indispensable tools for reputation management. It combines inboxes from 29 different review platforms and allows users to view and manage them through one easy interface— because busy SMB owners have enough to do already without the added work of logging into 29 different websites. They can also create custom review invitation templates that will encourage their customers to leave reviews. All review invites are trackable, so business owners can tell when they are opened and completed. 

Nuvi Review lets you send a QR code in text to email to clients or print it out and set it up around a physical location. This makes it easy for clients to leave a review. This image is titled Leave a Google Review. The QR code is under the title. Above the title are two options to send a client to: Google and Facebook. They hover above the main box in their own, round edge boxes. The Facebook box is grey, while the Google on is light green, indicating it was selected. Below the QR code is the message: Use QR Code or link to invite customer to leave reviews. Below that are two buttons. The one in the left is a link, the second is an options to download QR Code Image

Listening to feedback can help businesses reduce customer churn by showing them what their customers want from them so they have the opportunity to provide it. At this point in time, it is crucial for businesses to keep in touch with loyal customers.

Share Relevant Messages

Staying in touch with customers extends beyond the review process. In order to keep them fully engaged, interested, and loyal to a brand it helps to have an active social media account. But this seems like a lot to take on for small and newly digitizing businesses, right? 

That’s where Nuvi Local comes in! With our new Smart Social feature, businesses can upload images and captions that will be automatically scheduled and posted at days and times identified by our data for peak engagement. The process only takes minutes but can deliver months of social content, so business owners can focus on running the show. 

Nuvi Smart Social's gallery is featured in this image. The gallery shows eight images. Two are of dogs, two donuts, one a volleyball game, one a woman in a field of sunflowers, one feature a man in a black hat, and the last is a pink flamingo swimming tube. Those images are all in the background. An image hovers above the rest in a white container. The image is of a dog resting on a mossy rock in a forest of purplish, blue flowers. The white container also has three social profiles listed by their icon's above the image. They are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Below the image is a text box that reads: keep up your health by getting some fresh air! While practicing social distancing, of course. The text is followed by an emoji smiley face. Below the text box is a small calender icon that allows you to schedule the post and a post now button in yellow.

Helping your members to survive the crisis will improve your reputation and your loyalty. We can help! We're currently offering limited time, free access to Nuvi’s Local program to association’s SMB clients and we’d love to work with you to get them what they need. Set up a demo to learn more about how we can help you support the local businesses in your network.

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