Social listening AI assists Social Engagement marketing because 80% of consumers use social media to engage with brands, as this images says in purple text. But social can be overwhelming especially for enterprise brand so they need social listening AI to filter and auto-categorize messages to the right teams, as the image of a woman with her phone and multiple social images hovering behind her show.
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How Social Listening AI helps You see the Big Picture of Social Engagement Marketing

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but if you’re not keeping up with your brand’s social customer care, you’re falling behind. 

With 80% of consumers using social to engage with brands (according to Forrester) and one-third of Americans using social media to complain about a brand or its customer service (Microsoft), social media is quickly becoming the go-to platform for both marketing and social customer care. According to Microsoft, of the Americans who have sent customer service requests over social media, 84% report receiving a response from the company. This means your competitors are more than likely engaging with customers from their social accounts. 

So how do you get (and stay) ahead of your competitors’ level of social customer care? A combination of sorting high priority mentions with AI and social listening for off-profile mentions will allow you to provide high-quality customer care efficiently. With Nuvi Listen and Nuvi Engage, you’ll stay on top of your mentions, resulting in more satisfied customers and less churn. 

With the help of our industry-leading AI, social customer care has never been more efficient, but it’s an active process. We’ll show you how it’s done:

Step 1: Engage Efficiently

As a social media engagement platform, the new Engage empowers users by assisting with the management and prioritization of high volumes of incoming messages, workflow optimization with multiple users and teams, and separation of responsibilities. 

Enterprise companies are tasked with sorting through thousands of incoming mentions, messages, and comments every day. Nuvi aims to reduce the burden on busy marketers or customer service representatives with its filtering and organizational tools. 

Every comment, mention, and direct message is filtered through our advanced Natural Language Processing engine (NLP) based on rules you set. So your teams don’t have to filter through thousands of online and social media engagements, you can set rules in Engage to send the appropriate messages to each team’s queue. This way your crisis management team will see high-priority engagements right away, while feedback about your product is sent directly to the product team’s or specialist’s queue.

Step 2: Listen Closely

Nuvi's social listening platform is famous for its iconic and patented bubble chart in which the online conversation is showed with bubbles that are colored to represent sentiment and the size indicates the influencer that author has. The bubbles are stacked on top of each other when a lot of mentions occur at the same or similar times. Other unique social listening analysis Nuvi has is share of voice where total mentions, original posts, original authors shares are broken out for each competitor you wish to monitor. The last chart is title Trending Nouns. This shows the highest used noun in the monitored conversation per timeframe

Even when your team is keeping up with your incoming mentions, some issues are bound to fall through the cracks. Some customers offer valuable feedback or raise important issues without tagging your brand. It may be that they are hesitant to come to you directly with negative feedback, they’re new to social media, or they simply forgot to include the @ symbol. 

Whatever the reason, many mentions of your brand contain resolvable issues, but don’t show up in your mentions or comments. But social listening is here to help!

Setting up monitors in Nuvi Listen including your company’s name or the names of your products can help you locate untagged mentions to resolve additional issues and increase your customer satisfaction. When you see a post in any of our monitors that you’d like to respond to, you can do so directly from the platform in seconds. 

A tweet by Elliot Wison is displayed in front of Nuvi's bubble graph exactly how you'd see it in the monitor. The tweet is shown with various sentiment metrics, the authors influencer score, a heart button that allows you to like a post from our platform, another for retweeting or sharing, another for commenting. In this image, we are commenting back and saying @ElliotWilson We agree!. The comment box shows up below the tweet. Below that is an option to chose which of your social profiles to sent the comment from, if you have more that one. Under that are two buttons: reply and cancel.

With listening tools, you can also set alerts to notify you about mentions of your brand (in combination with any additional keywords of your choosing), so your team can respond to untagged mentions quickly and easily.

Social listening platforms can pull real-time data from the internet and notify you instantly of potential issues or customer questions. This images shows the segments a monitor can have. The ones listed here are Customer Service, Crisis, Blog, News RSS ONly, Canada, Competitor A, Competitor B, Competitor C, and Competitors-All. This lists is stacked. Over the list is one notification and one alert. In Messages, Nuvi sends a text that says: NUVI: New Mention based on Listening filters! View post. The notification includes a link. The Alert is from NUVI Monitor Alert app and says: New Mention based on listening filters! View post. In this case, the same message triggered a notification and alert

Nuvi’s suite of tools is designed to simplify and optimize social customer care and social media management. Take care of all your social media research, engagement, marketing needs in one place with Nuvi’s customer engagement platform. We’ll show you how.

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