Nuvi automations such as autotagging, social listening, Nuvi social with auto social posting capabilities, and automated reports.
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How to Automate your Social Listening

A very rich man once said, “Automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” Bill Gates said that. He knows a thing or two about creating efficient systems. Of course, the opposite is also true. Step one is to fix the problem. Step two is to fix it faster and more efficiently.

That said, if you’re looking to start your social customer experience with world-class social listening, take a look at our listening solution here. However, this article intends to show how you can improve that process as Mr. Gates mentioned.

So, you’ve got all this data you’ve pulled from social media sources. Now what? What was the original point in gathering all that data? Of course, every companies’ problems differ from the next, but you’re looking for insights. Insights into your audience to more meaningfully understand and engage with them. Why? It’s simple, we’re all fighting for our customers’ loyalty.

Let’s start there.
We’re going to cover 4 automations you should be considering to make your social listening more efficient.


Automate your insight delivery with tags and alerts

Let’s be honest, we all love to explore sometimes. Especially in our jobs; we’re exploring new approaches and new pathways all the time to solve big problems for our company. But we don’t want to be prospectors in the Wild West panning for flakes of gold in a mountain of dirt. That sounds as efficient as being a prospector panning for flakes of gold in a mountain of dirt!

If social listening brings in rivers of data points, then automated alerts and tags are those pans sifting insights for you. Alerts allow you know when certain data have met criteria you might be looking for. Tags are the identifiers or the criteria you place in the data stream that the alerts will pick up on.

You can tag data for:
-Specific keywords or hashtags in any mention

-whether or not the post was a reply/comment or a retweet.

-specific location

-specific languages

-specific social networks

-the mention's verb tense (past, present, or future)

-positive, negative, or neutral sentiment score

-Subjectivity Score - tag by the subjectivity (fact vs opinion)

-vulgarity within a post

Seriously, the list goes bio, display name, gender, influencer score, # of followers, etc.

Nuvi Autotagging

Be alerted about the tag criteria you add from above. Also, set alerts based on volume such as:

  • Total volume Increase (%)
  • Total Volume Decrease (%)
  • Positive Mention Volume Increase (%)
  • Positive Mention Volume Decrease (%)
  • Negative Mention Volume Increase (%)
  • Negative Mention Volume Decrease (%)

Why is this important?
This is a great way to save time and energy by automating your mention filtering. You’ll be able to prevent potential opportunities from slipping through the cracks.


Automate your reporting

Data reporting can be a painstaking process full of potential pitfalls. Not to mention, it can suck valuable time that you could use to more efficiently solve problems elsewhere.

We understand the need to communicate valuable information from data dashboards without making it a full-time job.

With automated reporting, you can eliminate:
-needless screenshots
-copy and pasting
-schedule reminders
-all those PowerPoint skills you’ve gained over the years
-calling on your designer to make pretty graphs
-the fear and anxiety of missing something and looking incompetent.

Here’s what automated reporting should look like…(and with Nuvi, it does!):
-Reports straight from your social monitoring dashboards.

-Include any segmenting of your data

-Templates for visualizing the data

-Setting report frequency

-Time range settings

-and groups the email is sent to

Nuvi Reports

This is a plus, but it’s also what our customers rave about— reports can be beautiful and easy to look at too.


Automate your sentiment customization

Basic social monitoring is transformed into actual social listening when the element of sentiment is introduced. Sentiment analysis allows you to understand the general tone across segments of your audience. This is important as the decision-making journey begins and ends with the part of the brain dealing with emotions.

There is an ever-present need to progress current and prospective customers through that decision-making journey. Because of this, you need to constantly improve the accuracy of your social listening sentiment analysis.

Nuvi Social Listening

Each company has audiences unique to them. One word or phrase that one company might consider negative might be considered positive by another.

Nuvi allows you to teach our Natural Language Processor to recognize brand-specific sentiment requirements on a scale so you can see a more accurate picture of your audience’s tone.


Automate your content creation and delivery

The first 3 automations helped you understand what to do with all that data in order to gain insights. This automation answers the question, “What do I do with all these insights?” Finally, once you have gathered valuable insights, a system must be in place to utilize them. Enter Nuvi Smart Social. Smart Social is content creation and delivery automated. 

Nuvi Smart Social

Smart Social makes it easy to stay in touch with your customers via your social media channels. Just upload the images and captions your team has created, and Smart Social will automatically schedule your content to be posted on days and times where customer engagement peaks. This feature allows your team to focus on creating messaging that resonates, while we take care of the details.

For your team to do their best work, they’ll need the best tools to inform and implement your strategies. Find out how Nuvi's tools can help inform and implement your strategies!

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