How To Market On Facebook without Blowing Your Budget

November 15, 2016

How To Market On Facebook without Blowing Your Budget

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Facebook is vital to online marketing. Each day, 1.13 billion people use Facebook. When you log into your account each day, you’ll mostly notice stories from friends and family, but mixed into your feed you’ll find the occasional sponsored piece of content, aka paid ads. Many companies create highly effective, and sometimes even viral ads using Facebook. How can you be one of them?

Powerful, winning ads on Facebook come from carefully crafted ad campaigns. With the average American spending 40 minutes a day on Facebook, according to, much more than any other social media site, this is where you want to direct your marketing dollars. But, you need to do so wisely to get the reactions you need.

What Content Does Well?

There are various types of content you can use within your Facebook marketing. Bnonn at Kissmetrics discusses the importance of this form of advertising. He says, “The Internet is a direct-response medium. Websites, being naturally interactive, are as direct-response as you can get.” And, he notes, “Direct-response advertising has been an ever-lucrative, ever-growing industry for over half a century. Its success relies entirely on a fairly small number of key principles.”

There are various types of advertising options available on Facebook that do well:

  • Sidebar Ads: Located on the right of a person’s News Feed, these don’t use social interaction. They are a simple, straightforward ad placed by Facebook.
  • Sponsored Story Ads: This ad is generated when a person interacts with the business (such as liking or following a business page). It appears in the News Feed.
  • Promoted Posts: Businesses can promote a post for an event or special offer to make it more visible. These occur in the News Feed as well. It helps to bring a person who saw the offer back to the business’s Facebook page.
  • Sponsored App: Businesses using an app on Facebook can promote that app in the same way as a post is promoted.
  • Event Sponsorship: Less common, this type of ad works to increase the attendance of an event by showing the ad to those who are likely to show up. It uses targeting aspects to draw people in.


How to Target Your Audience Without Blowing Your Budget

The key to success with Facebook advertising is to know who your target audience is and then let Facebook’s tools go to work for you. When creating ads, focus on your audiences, as Ed Leake discusses in his tutorial. This includes existing fans, current customers, and website visitors. What if you don’t have a fan base? Create Facebook pages around topics of value to your organization and work to build that base one “like” at a time.

Even a brand new business on Facebook can use targeting based on your industry, ideal customer base, and marketing goal. Learning to use Facebook marketing starts with understanding some basic concepts.

Best Practices for Copy on Facebook

Here’s a quick look at some rules for writing copy for your Facebook ads:

  • Your headline is most important. It needs to catch the targeted person’s attention, state a promise, and introduce the rest of your copy. And it needs to do all of this as concisely as possible.
  • You don’t have a lot of room. Be direct.
  • Give them a reason to act and tell them what they’ll get.


This is a type of Facebook ad posted to the right of the News Feed. It does well because it offers a link back to the site, a call to action, and a valuable offer.



This is an example of a sponsored ad. It has an attractive photo, a call to action, and a link back to the offer.

Best Practices for Ad Images and Videos on Facebook

Next, take a look at the content you’ll include in your ads. It needs to grab the attention of the reader and give them a reason to click or read your ad to learn more. That’s not always easy to do. After all, you may think all of your content is in fact perfectly suited to your reader’s needs. Consider a few of these ads that capture attention and tell people what they’ll get.


What makes this ad work? It’s bright colors, it’s fantastic value offer, and it’s clear, simple design.


This company’s special discount is secondary to the bright colors of the foods in the photo. They’re promoting those foods here in a very straightforward, but striking way. It grabs attention and offers a reason to buy.

Follow these best practices:

  • Aim for photos to be 1200×628 pixels. If you choose anything larger than this, it is likely to be cropped.
  • Bright, beautiful images with lots of color and contrast are ideal.
  • What type of photo or video will appeal to your target audience and make them engage?
  • Ensure it has some type of value proposition: “What’s in this for me?”
  • Provide a call to action. Tell them specifically what to do right now.


Benchmark for Good Ads: How Do You Know You’re Doing Well?

Now that you have some idea of what works best, you can’t stop there. Even with the best formatted and created ad, you still need to find out what your audience is going to respond to. Unfortunately, there’s no set rule to this. That’s why you’ll likely spend a lot of time testing a variety of formats and styles until you find one that is going to create the results you want and need.

First, gather data from Facebook advertising metrics. Here’s what to look for:

  • Impressions – How many times people see your ad
  • Reach – The number of unique (first time) impressions of your ad
  • Social impressions – The number of times people see your page outside of your followers (Your friend likes your ad, so their friend does, too)
  • Frequency – How many times a person has seen your ad in total
  • Cost – How much you are spending on that ad
  • Clicks – The number of times people have click through one of your ads to get to your site.


What You Can Do to Improve Your Results?

To go further, you can use social media listening tools as well as our social media analytics tools to hone in on your target audience and create the results you’re looking for. At NUVI, we help you to ensure that every ad you create gets the furthest reach possible.

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