How to take advantage of your brand’s “Red Carpet” moments. Lessons learned from the 2015 Oscars.

March 24, 2015

How to take advantage of your brand’s “Red Carpet” moments. Lessons learned from the 2015 Oscars.

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Home How to take advantage of your brand’s “Red Carpet” moments. Lessons learned from the 2015 Oscars. By Scott Kendal Brown on Social Media, Top Social Influencer | 24 Feb 2015

Chances are, you haven’t had the opportunity to step on the red carpet at the Oscars. However, many of us have imagined being in those glass slippers with the eyes of the world watching our every step. While most of us won’t ever receive celebrity-status attention in our lives, the brands that we manage and care for could. When your brand is headed for its red carpet experience, apply these tips that we learned from this year’s Academy Awards.


When stepping out of the limo and onto the red carpet, you need to know your audience and their expectations. If your brand stepped onto red carpet wearing that morning’s workout clothes, followers would disengage. Social audiences are the same way. Being social in nature, your audience wants to connect with you and follow your every step down the path into the venue. You simply have to meet expectations. As a brand you can create conversations with unique hashtags, or join conversations by using large topic hashtags. Just keep it relevant. For example, @justinbieber (below) used the hashtag #Oscars, in order to join the larger conversation, and was rewarded with thousands of re-tweets.

Knowing your audience allows you to better communicate your brand’s content, through the social platform that best fits your message. These (below) were the conversations that were happening during the Oscars. By contributing relevant content using existing hashtags, you will be able to join the conversations that will get you noticed.


Inside of your audience, key influencers are crucial in spreading your message. These are the moments on the red carpet that you are going to want to seek out. Interviews with E!, or Entertainment Tonight, are the influencers that will share a picture of your stunning dress or dashing suit, or interview you and share it to millions of followers and potential customers.

If you are new to this and don’t know who the influencers are, and who to approach, this is where you can do some pre-game groundwork. Enter conversations beforehand. Seek out the professionals that your customers look to for opinions. Join their conversations before you stroll down the red carpet. Find out who the Michael Strahans and Ryan Seacrests of your industry are. Then, as you are strolling down the red carpet, you can engage with them in case they don’t recognize you at first glance.

At the Oscars, who would’ve thought that @NASA (no.7) could be a key influencer in an entertainment venue? Their excitement for “The Theory of Everything”, which was nominated for best picture and for which Eddie Redmayne won Best Actor, honors the life work of their fellow cosmologist Steven Hawking.

Finding influencers can go a long way in the viral explosion of your social content. When engaging with influencers, both before and after the event, the chances of your message spreading increases tenfold.


When your award category arrives and when it is announced that you have won, you are called up on stage. You have a brief moment to communciate to the audience before the orchestra starts playing. What is your message? What are you going to say? What is your audience primed to hear and support? Your message needs to have stopping power and viral potential. If you have done your homework and know what your audience is passionate about, talking about, and what they want to share with others, then your message is like a virus, ready to blowup and spread. This is the power of social media. It is the voice that, when prepared for, can have more power than any other message.

These were some of the messages that were shared by winners at the 2015 Oscars on Sunday. Look how viral they were!

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