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How We’re Built for Crises like COVID-19

The Coronavirus is forcing everyone to make hard decisions. Businesses are closing. Employees are working from home. Families are stockpiling food and medicine. Through it all, they’re fearfully asking how long this will last. And what to do if the quarantine is longer than two weeks.

How companies can help

To get out of this crisis, you need to focus on your customers.

I know that sounds strange. You’re probably thinking, ‘shouldn’t this be a time to hunker down and make sure all our processes are functioning properly?’

It’s understandable to think that way. In this kind of crisis, everyone’s instinct is to hunker down and focus only on the necessities.

But customers are a necessity. In fact, using this time to cut away the fat and refine your processes based on your customers will not only see you through this, but improve your business overall.

Use this time to build strong relationships with your customers by understanding their needs and addressing them. You only need tools to expand your view from the comfort of your home office.

How we help companies

1) We help you communicate with your audience.

At this time, people need genuine human interaction. They need their fear replaced by hope. Simply keeping them informed, letting them feel heard, and addressing as many needs as you can will go a long way. 

With social distancing protocols in place, there’s one safe place to socialize. You guessed it, social media. Use it to your advantage.

We’ve got the tools to help you communicate.

Nuvi Engage

Nuvi Engage will help you communicate effectively, despite teams being scattered. It will enable centralized team-based customer service across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, notify you whenever you’re mentioned, and allow you to respond in one platform. 

With Engage, handle increased customer service inquiry volume with ease. As a manager, have better oversight and accountability for remote workforce management.

Hertz utilizes Nuvi Engage for their customer service employees. Each Hertz Rental Car customer service employee is able to handle 6x as many customer service interactions per hour with Nuvi Engage than over their phone. This functionality is especially valuable during periods of high customer service volume.

Nuvi Listen

Nuvi Listen enables you to find conversations you aren’t tagged in, so you can participate in them as well. 

Through Listen, identify and take advantage of unique sales opportunities and connections presented by the Coronavirus. For example, through Nuvi Listen’s Language Engine, we’ve identified a spike in social mentions of over 3000% in an unforeseen market. Which market might that be? US consumers expressing interest in purchasing home exercise equipment. It makes’s just unexpected.

As the coronavirus spreads to new regions, understand the consumer and media conversations around gyms, bars, restaurants, and other impacted industries. Use these insights to predict upcoming consumer demand to optimize staffing and hours or other strategies. With Nuvi Language Engine, you can identify these trends and insights at a national, state, and even city level. It will highlight top keywords, phrases, hashtags and websites relevant to current events.

Your insights through Nuvi Listen can be highly focused. You can receive instant alerts when current events are mentioned alongside your brand and products, and you can filter the alerts, say to major influencers only. With these data-based insights, discover ways to adapt to the quarantine. For example, a brick and mortar business may discover how to transform themselves into an e-commerce business overnight.

As you gain these insights, keep your customers informed. Tell them not only of news around the virus, but what changes your business is making to address them. As you do so, you’ll instill confidence in your company’s continuity.

Nuvi Plan & Publish

Communication with your customers can be professionally produced through Nuvi Plan and Publish. Heartland Financial, a holdings company that owns 12 regional banking brands, is coordinating messaging for their coronavirus response in Nuvi Plan & Publish. The social media manager, marketing manager, copywriter, graphic designers, and compliance attorney are all able to collaborate remotely to produce highly impactful content.

Nuvi Analyze

Nuvi Analyze, combined with Listen, will help you expand your capability from just seeing insights to making strategic decisions. As you identify customer concerns, address them. For example, identify top current events influencers around your industry, collaborate with them to publicize your response, and track the performance of your sponsored post.

Also, strategize the best way forward for your brand. Track posts, engagements, reach, and spread across unlimited social media accounts, then create a concrete plan that will carry your company forward through the crisis.

By using these tools to effectively communicate and help your audience, you can greatly improve their perception of you. They’ll know you stuck it out with them, and they will be much more likely to repay you in kind.

2) We help you collaborate with your team.

Your audience also needs a sense of stability. If they see that your company is performing it’s everyday tasks and fixing issues just as quickly as you would on a normal day, they’ll know the coronavirus isn’t all-encompassing. You can show them that life still goes on.

But how do you do that with your employees scattered everywhere?

We’ve got the tools to help you collaborate.

Nuvi Plan and Publish are designed to enable employees to coordinate and communicate on projects, no matter location. The workflow and calendar views highlight where a project is at, which one has priority, and what it will take to complete. Employees can tag team members to ensure collaboration, and they can see everything from content to images to the finalized piece of content before publication, in one place. 

With Nuvi Plan and Publish, managers will have better oversight and accountability of their remote teams. They can address changes that need to be made, participate as needed, and approve the final publication. With easy communication and management tools, you can quickly adapt strategies to meet new insights gleaned from Nuvi Listen. In a crisis, being adaptable is part of survival.

As your team works with these tools, they’ll be able to have the same output as if they were in the office. Customers will see your consistency. They’ll see that you’re still functioning while maintaining the health of your employees. Knowing that you’re doing your part will give your customer’s hope. And it will give you hope that you can still be efficient at your job throughout this crisis.

As you communicate with customers and give them a sense of stability, you’ll come out of this crisis with more customer trust, empowered employees, and refined systems that will benefit your company in the long run.

Use our Social Customer Experience Solutions to increase your employees’ efficiency, hone in on your customer’s needs, and make strategic decisions that will make your company stronger despite the pandemic.

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