The words Nuvi Language Engine are displayed on a white opaque circle with in the middle of a ring of other white circles. There are 8 circles in the ring and each has a different Nuvi Product in it. Starting at the top: Nuvi Listen, Plan, Publish, Engage, Capture, Review, Locate, and Analyze. The Nuvi Language Engine is a natural language processing engine that provides the foundation for all of Nuvi's marketing solutions.
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Integrating Social Media Intelligence with your Market Research and BI tools

At Nuvi, we collect data from all over the web (not just the big four social media platforms) and analyze it with a sophisticated and always-learning Natural Language Processing engine (NLP). But it’d be selfish to keep all this information to ourselves, right? 

Many of our clients love our customizable data visualizations and reports, but for those who have their own Business Intelligence interface and simply want our insights, we have Nuvi Hub. 

Nuvi Hub is a private, dedicated Postgres database that collects all of your mentions and metadata from the monitors you set up. It gives you access to raw, unbiased market research data from all across the web. With Nuvi Hub, you’ll get better sentiment analysis and data enrichment, better integration, and better service.

Better Data

Nuvi Language Engine, our proprietary natural language processor, provides you with high quality, real-time data. Data is normalized into various tables containing different facets of Natural Language Processing such as hashtags, emojis, URLs, emotions and other important aspects of social media content. 

Nuvi's language engine is equipped with emotion analytics. The image shows a representation of a mention card on the Nuvi Listen marketing platform. It shows 12 of 20 language analysis factors. The first is sentiment represented by a green dot (the color changes according to the positivity or negativity of the sentiment(, vulgarity represented by a light green voice bubble with #%* in it, subjectivity represented by two overlapping white circles with black outlines, verb tense represented with a line metric with three dashes and a arrow card pointing left. Then there are 8 emotions. The first is a smiling face that is colored yellow, then a joy face with an open mouth and heart eyes that is green, then a worried face with a wavy mouth and closed eyes, then is surprise represented by a face with a round mouth and wide eyes. Next is the sad face with a long frown and closed eyes, then is disgust with an open mouth and tongue sticking out with triangle closed eyes and is purple. Next is anger with eyebrows aligned in the pointed down v and is red. The last is a smiling face with star eyes that represent anticipation.
Each of Nuvi's mention cards show crucial data points for granular analysis of relevant customer data

Through our social media monitoring software, many of our clients receive millions of mentions about their company and products every month. Nuvi helps them sift through the noise to find the important insights they need. Our advanced NLP AI allows Nuvi to analyze data thoroughly and predict customer sentiment with a high level of accuracy. But accuracy isn’t the only component to good data. 

Nuvi Hub, backed by our NLP, is capable of ingesting: 

  • More than 500 mentions per second
  • Recognizes 138 countries, 20 languages, and 20 language facets with industry-leading accuracy and speed for real-time data analysis. 

Real-time data analysis is important because language changes frequently, especially on the internet and the world can change in the blink of an eye (as we saw with the recent Coronavirus pandemic), rendering older data completely irrelevant. We make the recency of our data and the frequency of building new models for prediction our priority, so our clients have access to data that reflects here and now. 

Of-the-moment data and accurate language analytics allow your marketing team quick access to the insights they’ll need to form the most effective strategies and manage crises with ease. John Morgan of Unearth, a public affairs technology company and Nuvi customer, summed up one of the benefits of the Nuvi Language Engine, “Nuvi knows about what’s going on about your issue before the public even has a chance to know and take off with it.”

Better Integration

Our industry-leading data analysis isn’t the only advantage to Nuvi Hub. Nuvi’s standard database platform allows our data to be compatible with almost any BI tool, allowing for further analysis that suits your needs. The Nuvi Hub database architecture is designed to provide optimal query times and is unopinionated in that it offers the raw data in a format that allows the client to decide how best to consume it

When you purchase Nuvi Hub, we’ll port all of your gathered mentions immediately into your newly combined database to provide you with seamless coverage and knowledge.

Nuvi Hub allows marketers and data analysts to take the data that Nuvi gathers, integrate it with their BI tools, and showcase the data however they'd like

Better Service

All Nuvi clients have a dedicated client success manager and consultant to help show you the ropes—and keep helping every step of the way. The same team member who knows your company, your story, and your goals will always be just a call or an email away. 

Our onboarding process includes the creation of a strategic roadmap to define and reach every client’s unique KPIs. Your client success manager will also become an expert in your business and industry. 

"Nuvi is a great tool for those looking for a user-friendly social listening tool. With Nuvi's customer service support, we are at the top. Having someone we can call at any time to navigate through our queries or features lags behind other alternative software."
-Ferhat A. Press Staff

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