Mother’s Day Research with Audiences by NUVI

May 03, 2016

Mother’s Day Research with Audiences by NUVI

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Home Audiences and Manicures By Jacob Jenne on Audiences | 03 May 2016

This week we’re looking at data for a local company that’s super relevant for Mother’s Day: Jamberry. If you’re not yet familiar with Jamberry, they’re a classy Utah-based company that specializes in nail wraps. If you’ve got a business dealing with consumer goods this example ought to speak to you.


We set up a research portfolio with Audiences by NUVI to study the entire manicure market. We created the portfolio using keywords fingernail polish, fingernail stickers, fingernail wrap, nail wraps and jamberry. By choosing these keywords we ensure that we’ll capture data about every post on Facebook that contains anything that might be relevant to Jamberry. Take note that this isn’t a vanity monitor–we don’t really care how many people mentioned Jamberry specifically, instead we want to know about all the people that are potential Jamberry customers. This is how real research is done, people!

Let’s jump into some of the data we collected. Right off the bat we notice a few feel-good tidbits of data. We see that the number one hashtag is #jamberry. We also see some relevant hashtags like #nails, #nailart and #jamicure. Surely Jamberry is already aware of those widely-used hashtags and makes use of them regularly. We also see that photos receive a bit more engagement than text posts. Duh. But it’s good to see this sort of thing to validate our theories and give us confidence in the data.

Jamberry Hashtag Data

As I looked through this research portfolio the top URL stood out to me. I created this portfolio with the mindset that I was working for Jamberry trying to find ways to improve our brand. With that in mind the first link is already a glaring point of interest–it’s from a competitor.

Jamberry Link Data

I click the link to see what all the fuss is about. Why is this link the most liked/shared/commented one in the whole topic of manicures? Lo and behold, the URL offered is for a soccer ball pattern nail wrap from Spirit Wear Nail Wraps. What gives?

Soccer Nails

For the sake of learning I’m going to have to be honest. Jamberry’s got loads more class than this soccer ball nonsense. Just compare the product offerings of the two companies and you’ll immediately agree that Jamberry should be dominating the market here. What’s going on, then?

Jamberry Nail Wraps Jamberry Nail Wraps

Take another look at the top URLs found on Facebook. Specifically, look at the breakdown of ages on the right.

Jamberry Link Data

As you can see, the soccer ball nail wraps are much more popular with the middle-aged market. No doubt they’re used by soccer moms and not the actual players. You can see the second link (which is a site for a specific Jamberry consultant) appeals to a very much younger audience.

What can we learn from this? Well, if Jamberry’s ambition is to appeal to the younger demographic and not to worry about the middle-aged moms, they’re on the right track. A soccer ball pattern is never going to look as appealing as the modern palettes and prints that Jamberry uses. However, if Jamberry’s goal is to appeal to a wider audience and not alienate the middle generation, perhaps a more stylish variation on mom-of-an-athlete nail wraps wouldn’t be such a bad idea, yeah?

I always say you’ve got to know your audience before you can ever hope to make a good business decision. No matter what audience Jamberry has decided to target, this data is incredibly useful to hone in on what matters and drive actions with measurable results.

If you’re still left wondering how Audiences can help your business, give us a holler and we’ll demonstrate the software and answer any questions you have.

NUVI claims no affiliation with Jamberry. The Jamberry name is a registered trademark of Jamberry Nails, LLC. The nail wraps featured are copyrighted by Spirit Wear Nail Wraps and Jamberry Nails, LLC respectively

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