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New Insight Delivery & Dashboard Templates and Customization

True to our name (short for New Visualizations), we are constantly thinking how to enrich social data through the use of powerful visualizations and helpful tools. This past month, we’ve released multiple updates to our platform helping enterprise teams get insights from their data more efficiently.

1. Dashboard Templates Based on Common Use Cases

Dashboards are a must have when handling mountains of mentions. With over 250 data visualizations and widgets, there’s an endless amount of combinations you can tailor-fit to your visualization needs. We see a lot of common use cases like brand management, crisis management, and event management centered around events or campaigns to name a few.

Common widgets used for these types of analyses include:

  • Sentiment analysis in our classic Bubble Stream design (perfect for crisis management) 
  • Emotion analysis through our beautiful petal chart
  • Trending Phrases, nouns, adjectives
  • Trending influencers
  • Share of Voice for competitive or A/B comparisons (perfect for brand and competitor analysis)
  • And the list goes


These common use cases are now templated to help you get you to the insights faster. Meanwhile, the power of fully customizable dashboards remains.

2. Live Edit Your Custom Dashboards

If you’ve decided to go the customized dashboard route, the building and editing has become incredibly easy with our most recent updates.

Start by:

1. Adding a row with 1,2, or 3 columns

2. Selecting the monitor and accompanying data visualization you want displayed

3. Drag and drop widgets to anywhere in the dashboard.

All these dashboard updates are meant to help you understand the data more quickly and know where to dive in for further exploration and analysis.

3. Insight Delivery with Data Tooltips

Discoveries drive strategy. The quicker you can get to the insight, the quicker you can begin forming effective strategies. We’ve recently added tooltips to our widgets, not only to describe the widget’s function, but to provide an interpretation of that widget’s data. It’s easy to see how one slice of the pie is larger than another in a pie chart, but it’s not apparent that the adjective “supreme” is used 2,237 times, or 31.2%, more than the second most used adjective “new.” Understanding stats like this lead to further digging to understand the larger narrative.

We understand the strategies that connect your brand to your customers are based on insightful data. Through templated and customizable visualization and quick insight delivery through tooltips, we put you in control of that data. To learn more about how we analyze and enrich social data, check out our other article.

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