A Mac shows Nuvi Analyze's reporting dashboard on the screen. Several of the individual dashboards hover around the screen. A customer engagement graph is directly in front by several inches, a social posts' analytics are to the left of the screen, and a list of top performing social posts are directly to the left of the screen just behind the one posts' analytics. This all takes up the left side of the image. The right side reads Experience Nuvi's Reporting Dashboard. The background is a dark blue.
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Nuvi Analyze: Innovate through Competitive Data Analysis

In order to create the best content marketing strategy, your team needs a wide range of data. Some businesses struggle to include comprehensive social data in their content strategy research because there’s too much data available and the process becomes overwhelming. 

Manually sifting through all that data to find strategy-enhancing insights can waste valuable time. If you ever find yourself wishing you had someone to do it for you, we’ve got great news: Nuvi Analyze can! Analyze provides social media analytics tools that work together with our social listening platform and show your team how to best leverage key audience social data. When you have the right tools to analyze your data, you can uncover the topics and strategies your business should focus on. 

A woman sitting cross-legged with her laptop on her lap is performing a competitive analysis. Next to her are three charts of information Nuvi Analyze shows to help businesses learn more about strategy performance on social media. The first is a long bar and line graph that tracks a company's posting activity and customer engagement with those posts. This graph is described later in the article. The second is a taller image that hovers over the first. It shows the image and content of a social post along with the number of comments, reactions, shares, post clicks, and link clicks. The last graph is simply a line graph showing customer engagement over a certain period of time and whether the engagement is decreasing or increasing overall.

Nuvi Analyze’s reporting dashboard, enhanced with striking visualizations, makes it easy to view and understand your social media analytics. See your best performing social content (and how you stack up against the competition) with dynamic graphs displaying key metrics for measuring the growth and activity of social audiences. Analyze provides you with detailed metrics for your brand’s content alone, and compared to your competitors.

Analyzes’ page reports show your brand’s activity, broken down by platform. We’ll walk you through the graphs and statistics that appear on your brand’s page reports, why they are important, and what actions you can take based on this information:

  • Activity shows you the number of posts (including replies, quote tweets, and retweets) your brand has made for your selected date range. This allows you to measure how much content your brand provided for your audience to interact with. 

  • Engagement shows the number of responses you’ve received from followers. This is displayed as a numerical value at the top, and also a graph showing the progression of each type of engagement (replies, likes, retweets, mentions, and link clicks) over time. An engagement breakdown chart demonstrates the percentage of the total responses that each type of engagement made up. Your post with the most replies will also be shown here. Monitoring your engagement over time and by platform can show you which of your strategies are working, and which need to be modified. The same content may not perform as well on different platforms; it’s essential to keep track of how different types of content perform and adjust accordingly. 

  • Followers shows your current count of followers, along with the percentage that number has increased or decreased over the selected date range. Monitoring your change in followers is an essential metric for evaluating the successes or failures of your content strategies. Like Engagement, the change in followers is also displayed as a numerical value at the top and a graph showing the progression over time. A breakdown chart on the right will show you the number of followers gained and lost in this period vs the last period, so you can make sure you’re on the right track

Nuvi Analyze shows the social media strategy performance. In this example, Analyze is being utilized for competitive analysis of post engagements of a car insurance company. The post was published on Thursday February 13, 2020. Hovering over the post are two performance indicators. The first is Reach Breakdown which has two categories for analysis: paid reach 9,012 and Organic Reach 4,987. The second metric is Engagement Breakdown. This has five categories for analysis: Comments 31, reactions 403, Shares 8, post clicks 367, link clicks 48
  • Potential Reach shows the total number of users that could see your content, including the followers of users who retweet and reply to you. This is displayed as a numerical value along with graphs showing your most engaged and most followed users. Your most engaged users are the users your messaging is resonating with, which can be useful for checking if you’re reaching your target demographic. The graphic showing your most followed users demonstrates the users who help you boost your content’s reach. Continuing to engage with these users will help increase brand awareness.

  • Activity and Engagement provides a visual of both your content and how your engagement increases or decreases along with it. Considering your activity in relation to other metrics will help you determine the ideal amount of content for your audience—posting too much may overwhelm new followers and cause them to unfollow, while too little may lead to low engagement. The specific amount of posts that you’ll need to maximize your engagement will depend on your industry, target demographic, and testing through Analyze’s metrics.

  • Top Posts & Top Clicked Links makes it easy to see which of your content is most successful so you can focus on replicating that success in the future.

Your brand doesn’t exist in a vacuum so you need to be aware of the entire industry landscape, not just your own content and social media analytics. With Analyze, you’ll have the social analytics tools to monitor your competitors' campaigns, products, content, and strategies. Keeping an eye on competitors’ successes and failures will help you learn from their mistakes and craft strategies based on those insights. 

Nuvi Analyze can show a company insights into their competitor's social media performance. This specific example shows a company, "You", compared to four competitors. The chart says You=11, Around the world=3, -73%, Global Holidays= 1,-91%, Wanderlust=17, +55%, and 9 to travel 110, +900%. Analyze also lets you choose whether to analyze brand or user posts and create tags for any and all content.

Knowing the trends occurring in your industry is the first step to getting ahead. Nuvi Analyze provides the same insights into your competitors’ social media analytics as it does your own.  Access the competition’s top content on each platform all in one easy-to-use platform, so you know what you’re up against. Compare engagement, reach, impressions, and followers with up to 5 competitors on each platform. Giving your team access to competitor social analytics allows them to analyze trends in competitors' high (or low) performing content and strategize accordingly, so you can learn from their mistakes without making them yourself.

If you’re looking for a social media analytics platform that helps you work smarter, not harder, set up a demo.

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