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Nuvi Listens: Why Do Comic Books Hold Such Lasting Cultural Power?

Popular literature, films, and art are always a response to the sociopolitical climate they were created in. Comic book and superhero movies, like Marvel films, have enjoyed enduring popularity over the years. For example, after the national tragedy of 9/11, many US movies featured a self-filmed documentary style and apocalyptic events, mirroring the style of footage and feelings of that day. So what gives comic book stories such cultural lasting power?

To celebrate Comic Book Day, we used Nuvi Listen's monitors to look into this question. Trending phrases from our comic books monitor included "fun filled days," "great perspective" and "extraordinary insight." It's possible that one reason comic books have enjoyed lasting success is that they invoke nostalgia, bringing people back to the fun-filled days of their childhood.

They may also provide insight into human nature, or perspective when applied to current events. Looking in at individual tweets about the love of comic books, we found that the trope of good vs evil where good prevails in the end may appeal to some readers because it is simpler than our reality, which has plenty of gray areas and injustice. The concept of a superhero swooping down to save humanity from a problem that seems unresolvable and restore unity may feel especially resonant today, given the political divisions and pandemic sweeping across America.In short, it seems like comic book stories touch on themes that run deep in human nature and issues that continually re-surface, so they are able to adapt and take on new significance over time.

Comic books have made a lasting impact on American culture, and it's safe to say they're not going anywhere any time soon. Looking to understand a cultural phenomenon to inform your business strategy? Nuvi Listen can help.

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