The Nuvi Language Engine is a powerful AI that ingests 500 mentions per second. It's speed and accuracy boosts social analytics and customer experience management.
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Nuvi’s Customer Experience Solutions are Built on Advanced AI

At Nuvi, we’re proud of our AI. As you’ve probably heard, our data is not only fast and accurate, but industry-leading. How do we back up this claim?

Marketing Platforms Need AI

Nuvi Language Engine (NLE) is the core of Nuvi’s customer experience management solutions. It collects data from all over the web (not just the main four social media platforms) and analyzes the data with a sophisticated and always-learning Natural Language Processing engine (NLP).

Our advanced AI for social media marketing allows Nuvi to analyze data thoroughly and predict customer sentiment with 80% accuracy—that’s the industry-leading part! 

What are our other stats? 

The NLE can ingest more than 500 mentions per second and recognizes 138 countries, 20 languages, and 20 language facets. In short, Nuvi Language Engine was made to provide our enterprise clients with high-quality insights from large swaths of data in real-time, so they can create a successful customer experience strategies, complete with a content marketing strategy and a customer engagement strategy, based on the latest trends and information.

The Nuvi Language Engine gathers and analyze various facets of language. The ones listed here are sentiment, vulgarity (uniquely Nuvi), subjectivity, categories, nouns, noun phrases, verbs (uniquely Nuvi), adjectives (uniquely Nuvi, adverb (Uniquely Nuvi), and eight emotions that are all unique to Nuvi (Joy, sadness, trust, disgust, surprise, anticipation, anger, and fear

Data is normalized into tables containing different facets such as hashtags, emojis, URLs, locations, actions, adjectives, emotions, and other important aspects of social media content. Nuvi then analyzes this data on a large scale to create informative visualizations or statistics to enhance your social listening platform or Business Intelligence tools, sort your incoming messages, and provide real-time strategy performance analysis. 

We’ll break down the 3 products built on NLE and explain how the AI makes them tick.

NUVI Listen: Social Listening Platform

If you’ve been clicking around our website or socials, you’re probably familiar with social media monitoring analytics. Having a social listening platform for gathering customer, industry, and competitor data across online sources is essential to market research today. 

So how does Nuvi Language Engine enhance your social listening? Better language analytics lead to more powerful insights, empowering your team to form effective strategies or manage a crisis in real-time. 

Nuvi's customer experience management platform has several social analytics including influencer and trending phrases.

When you’re monitoring your brand with Nuvi, we’re analyzing your mentions 24/7. Custom alerts, that utilize Nuvi Listen and NLP capabilities, can notify your team of an increase in mention volume or a decrease in sentiment, alerting you to potential crises early enough to act on them. Matthew Mitchell of Unearth, a public affairs technology company and Nuvi customer, summed up one of the benefits of the Nuvi Language Engine for social media listening, “Nuvi knows about what’s going on about your issue before the public even has a chance to know and take off with it.”

Nuvi Engage: Social Media Engagement Platform

Enterprise companies’ social media teams are tasked with sorting through thousands of incoming mentions, messages, and comments every day. Nuvi aims to reduce this burden and help track social media engagement with filtering and organizational tools powered by AI.

Comments, mentions, and direct messages that come through your linked social media accounts are filtered through our NLP and sorted into queues based on the rules that you set. This way your crisis management team can receive high-priority engagements directly into their queue, while feedback about your product is sent directly to the product team, and questions are sent to community managers. 

Separation of incoming messages into queues makes high volumes of content more manageable, clarifies the division of responsibilities within a team, and allows each team member to work within their area of expertise. Having an efficient system where customers can engage directly with the social customer care team that has the answers to their questions will improve the customer journey your team provides, improving customer satisfaction.

Customer Experience Analysis Dashboards

Dashboards can analyze your monitors and incoming messages for market research and social media engagement analysis purposes. Dashboards can analyze any combination of your Nuvi Listen monitors or segments of your monitors. Know which keywords, phrases, actions, and emotions are (or were) trending in posts around any given topic, keyword, or phrase at any point in time, even right now. 

Nuvi's social listening platforms includes many visualizations for social analytics. The first one shown here is Nuvi's patented bubble stream, the next is Nuvi's new share of voice dashboard with it's four categories of analysis (total mentions, original posts, authors, and shares), the last visualization is called trending nouns as a web graph.

The speed at which economic trends and audience sentiment can shift requires real-time insight if your company wants to stay ahead of the curve and ahead of your competition. 

In Engage, dashboards that show sentiment and emotion analysis of your mentions can be an important measure of the success of your messaging. Published content that increases the sentiment of your replies may indicate success in establishing a bond with your customers. 

Our AI can identify frequent positive or negative phrases that are mentioned alongside your brand, allowing you to identify your strengths and common complaints. With competitor monitors, you can see your competitors strengths and weaknesses as well and strategize around them. Social analytics paired with the analysis of customer behavior trends can indicate weak points in customer experience management or gaps in market intelligence. Nuvi’s social customer experience solutions help companies fill in those gaps and provide unparalleled, closely-tailored experiences for their customers that develop long-term customer loyalty. 

NUVI Hub- Social Data Integration

Don’t need all the bells and whistles? Just want the raw data to use with your existing BI tools? No problem! 

Nuvi Hub is a private, dedicated Postgres database that collects all of your mentions and metadata from the monitors you set up. It gives you access to raw, unbiased market research data from all across the web. With Nuvi Hub, you’ll get better sentiment analysis and data enrichment, better integration, and better service.

Nuvi Hub takes data from data sources like social platforms and RSS feeds, then shows the data to marketers and data scientists and analysts while the data is still in Nuvi Hub. this images shows some of the data sources to the left, then a line connects it to Nuvi Hub, which is housed in a circle. From there lines then go in two different directions: one to a company's business intelligence tools and the other to custom visualizations.

Whatever your business needs are, we can show you how to put Nuvi’s AI to work towards them. Request a demo today!

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