Analyzing social media data is difficult and needs to done with a team. Social media data analysis can be accomplished with a social listening monitoring tool like Nuvi.
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Peeking Into Your Customer’s Not So Secret World

Major consulting firms are no strangers to big data. They need volumes and volumes of it to accurately consult their clients. But just because it’s big data doesn’t mean these firms have all the data.

Primary research is great, when it works, but surveys and other direct customer data generation research are usually pretty biased. That is why Ethnographic research is one method of primary research that is touted as being key to strategy: it has a low risk of bias and provides actionable data. However, Ethnographic research is expensive and hard to scale. Through traditional means, anyway.

Human interaction has moved online to social media. Now, most audience behavioral data resides there, but companies are only tagged 15% of the time, so they are missing out on 85% of the conversation surrounding their brands and products. Thus, social listening is the much needed form of Ethnographic research today. Bonus, it's completely sustainable. Extra bonus:  social listening allows you to hear people express their minds as if you weren't in the room, no acquiescence bias included.  

Two Fortune 500 consulting companies that need consistently accurate and actionable audience behavior data to provide insights to their clients have seen great success with Nuvi Hub (Nuvi’s data warehouse ). These companies have chosen to remain anonymous.

Top Consulting Company 1

Too Much Data. Not Enough Time.

This consulting company needed insights into their customers’ social data quickly as their internal clients wanted analyzed data to inform strategies immediately. As a result, the data science team had to meet incredibly aggressive deadlines. Their clients primarily wanted insights into the “voice of their customers” or audience behavior; however, determining actionable insights based on behavior required weeks of research they didn’t have.

A data scientist at a top consulting firm stressed over the amount of data need to gather an analyze. His desk is cluttered with graphs while his screen has more graphs. He holds his nose as he takes a short mental destressing moment.

This company needed two solutions: better retrospective data and an automation solution that took care of 80% of the analytical process.

Nuvi Data Analysis Solutions

"[We] went to Nuvi because of the [depth of] data… which is unique to Nuvi. We haven’t found any competitors that give us the access Nuvi does and that was our critical piece; that we were not limited by a sampling of data. We wanted to have the complete population.” -Senior Manager: Data Scientist
This gif has a purple background that has diversely shaped bubbles ranging in color from greyish purple to a white purple. The does start in a clump on the lefts side of the image and spread across to themselves out to the other side of the image in a bubble graph. The graph represents a small portion of data that Nuvi's data can provide to your company.
Nuvi's iconic bubble stream displays each instance a keyword is mentioned across the Internet

Nuvi Hub allows clients to peer into the vast data of social media to observe customer behavior. The Hub has two powerful features: consistent, real-time social data generation and retrospective data gathering. Both were solutions to their problems. The real-time data provided the data science teams with constant insights that took little work to gather. Nuvi’s specialized presentation of data, focused on customer behavior insights, provided easily digestible ways to analyze the social data, lessening their workload more.

Additionally, Nuvi’s ability to provide historical insight data and it’s own data analysis tools allowed the company to dramatically reduce turn around in data gathering and processing. With Nuvi, this consulting company was able to stay on top of their deadlines and have more insight into their clients’ customer behavior.

Top Consulting Company 2

Data Overload

This consulting company wanted to provide their clients with more accurate product research data in real-time for their customers to utilize for market research, competitor analysis, and to adjust strategies with insights into emerging and current trends.

A man dressed in a business casual shirt with no tie is pointing his finger to a certain point on a chart. The chart has many arrows pointing upward from the bottom of the image. The arrows vary in levels of opaqueness. One's point connects with the man's finger and is completely opaque and rises well above the other arrows. This images shows the way Nuvi's software can help companies focus in on strategies that will help them create strong customer experience strategies and be successful.

Our client, like many companies, was struggling with the volumes of data they were trying to present as well as keep up with the pace of social media.

Nuvi Makes Data Presentable and Understandable

With Nuvi’s real-time data gathering capabilities, this company’s clients were kept up to date on product trends, audience sentiment, keywords related to a product, the reach and spread of online discussions surrounding searched products, and comparative analysis capabilities of competitors. Our client used Nuvi’s suite of solutions to present their clients with actionable, real-time, comprehensive data into product trends in their specific industries.

A gif with a depictions of a pie chart. The background is dark bluish green and the sections of the pie chart vary in lightness based on the background color. The pie chart looks more like a donut and unravels from the top point to the left and all the way around until it reconnects. The biggest sections takes over more than a third of the chart, the other three sections get exponentially smaller. This gif shows one of the many charts Nuvi allows customers to view data so they can interpret the data through the analysis that they need.
Nuvi has many ways to view data for comparative, qualitative, quantitative, predictive, and other analyses

Nuvi makes it possible to convert the endless and constantly fluid state of data from social media into actionable audience behavior insights that inform market research and strategies, help companies find the voice of the customers, turn them into advocates, and increase revenue. See all the tools Nuvi offers that complete your market and product research!

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