Tracking Trump’s Tweets: A Look Into the Madness

June 07, 2017

Tracking Trump’s Tweets: A Look Into the Madness

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If you think about it, never in the history of the United States have we had such a prolific author of tweets living in The White House. Love him or hate him, President Trump has always been one to let his opinions known, usually through posting to his Twitter accounts. We were curious about his Twitter habits so using our NUVI software, we decided to monitor and analyze every tweet from both of his Twitter accounts beginning on Inauguration Day and we plan on continuing to monitor them and post semi-annual updates moving forward.

Here at NUVI, we analyzed every tweet that President Trump (or his team) has posted to either his personal account, @RealDonaldTrump or to the @POTUS account and we were surprised with what we found.

We all know Trump is a voracious tweeter, but when we compared the number of tweets aggregated by our software with the number of published tweets on either of his accounts we noticed some disparities. Namely, we had pulled in more tweets than his Twitter accounts showed he had published. This means that he periodically will delete a tweet. This insight made us wonder what it was that he had deleted from his Twitter account.

Once a user deletes a tweet, that tweet is gone forever; that is unless you have been monitoring a specific conversation and have access to Twitter historical data. Which we have. And we do. Determined to find out exactly what Trump had deleted and why we dove into the data stream and went through all his deleted tweets to see what had been deleted.

Trump seems to have more control of his personal account, so it makes sense that more tweets would be deleted from that account because his personal account is not under the same scrutiny as the POTUS account. The 11 tweets that were deleted, edited, and later reposted included mistakes like the misspelling of words such as hereby, principles, and counsel. Other tweets were deleted because of an omitted hashtag or a @ in front of a name. We found one tweet he deleted and reposted that was about “fake news” and how it is the enemy of the American people. The original tweet included the word “SICK” at the end, but the reposted tweet did not include the adjective.

Out of all the tweets that were deleted and never reposted from either account, none raised any red flags. Some were about interviews he had planned or leaders he had met with, and many of them had topics that were later addressed in other tweets.

It is also interesting to notice that almost half of @POTUS’s tweets are retweets, many coming from foreign leaders, Vice President Pence, his wife Melania Trump, conservative media outlets, and himself.

Another point of interest is the now infamous “Covfefe” tweet, which is one of the ones Trump deleted. We obviously weren’t monitoring the term “covfefe” before it happened so we didn’t have real-time data; however, with the NUVI platform, we have access to historical information so we were able to “go back in time” and find mentions and references that weren’t part of our original monitor. We found that the term “Covfefe” was mentioned over 3.5 million times and “#covfefe” was mentioned almost 2 million times since May 30th.

The NUVI Social listening tool is an excellent resource to not only monitor conversation around your own brand but also to keep track of competitors and in this case to monitor the social media activity of the President of The United States. With the data you collect, you are able to sift through information that may have been deleted. Also, with NUVI historical data, you are able to go back in time and find mentions around a topic you weren’t already monitoring.

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