Social Analytics: Emotion Analysis of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Several social media analytics dashboards show key analytic metrics used in the analysis: emotion analytics, mentions, and trending phrases.
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Social Analytics: Emotion Analysis of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Almost all of us know someone whose life has been impacted by cancer and have witnessed the emotional journey that can come along with a cancer diagnosis. We've been monitoring the conversation about Breast Cancer Awareness Month using an emotion social analytics dashboard as social media users raise awareness by sharing their stories.

1. Surprise

We found that surprise was the most common emotion indicated in posts about breast cancer. Many users are sharing statistics to emphasize just how common breast cancer is and which groups are at risk. The surprise indicated in many posts is an indicator that public health awareness campaigns like Breast Cancer Awareness Month are needed, as people re-share information that they weren't aware of previously.

2. Anticipation

Anticipation was the next most frequent emotion from our monitor. When we examined the posts that our monitor pulled in which ranked high for anticipation, we found that people were excitedly sharing upcoming virtual fundraisers like Twitch streams benefitting breast cancer charities. Messages of hope for new developments in breast cancer treatment also appeared to express anticipation.

3. Sadness and Anger

Sadness and Anger also had fairly high rankings. People were understandably upset that they had lost family members and friends to the disease and a cure continues to elude researchers. Some posts expressed frustration about breast cancer myths and misinformation that have taken foot. But there was some joy as people shared stories of their loved ones who had battled breast cancer—many of whom are now cancer free!

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