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Social Analytics of Voters and Voting in 2020

We've reached the time of year where discussion of the upcoming election has become ubiquitous in America. With the large volume of politically charged content, sometimes it's hard to keep up, or to find the good news among all the controversies.

We've monitored the discussion around voting with Nuvi in search of some takeaways. We found that:

Authors who tweeted about voting commonly identify as proud, political, fanatic and American, according to their social media bios.

The most common emotion indicated in tweets about is voting was anticipation. The least present emotion in voting tweets was trust. This reflects the unique anxieties of foreign interference and pandemic spikes that have surged around the 2020 election, as well as the declining trust in polls after the 2016 results differed from the predictions. Many Americans feel increasingly uncertain about the future as political division intensifies.

Trending actions with tweets about voting included:

  • Serve
  • Register
  • Help 
  • Need, 
  • Join
  • Vote

These reflect the notion that voting serves your country and community, and can help change the path of our country.

Trending phrases among tweets about voting included "upcoming November election," "make sure," "last day," "demanding relief," and "early voting." Most pertain to encouraging tweets about voter registration, and the priority of selecting candidates that would support stimulus relief packages from the government.

Lastly, we looked at trending positive phrases to find some good news. These included "birthday gift," "best way," and "great nation."

  • "Birthday gift" refers to a popular tweet that encourages Americans who recently turned 18 to register to vote. 
  • "Best way" evokes both that voting is the best way to make your voice heard, and includes tweets about the best way to vote given the unique circumstances surrounding the 2020 election. 
  • "Great nation" speaks for itself.

This November, don't forget to get out and vote!

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