How Can Social Listening Increase Engagement?

August 17, 2017

How Can Social Listening Increase Engagement?

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Many companies are now realizing that efficiently monitoring the oceanic volume of social data is an unmanageable feat using traditional tools such as spreadsheets and intern labor. While these companies, especially early adopters of social media analytics, willfully recognize the importance social data plays in day to day operations and eagerly invest in maintaining a social presence online, they fail to reap the full benefit of social data. Social listening tools emerged as solutions to the frustrations of collecting, segmenting, and analyzing such an overwhelming data pool and today a solid investment in social media monitoring is the new status quo. But with every investment in any tool, there needs to be some form of measurable ROI. So what is that a social listening campaign can do for your company?

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 A social media monitoring campaign can impact business goals in many positive ways.The benefits you derive from your social listening tool are largely determined by the goals you set before you start and the strategy behind your decisions. That being said, we’ve identified nine key metrics that are impacted by social media data and an effective social monitoring strategy. We will cover each one in depth, with a new blog each Thursday morning. To kick off the first in the series, we are going to talk about how companies can use social listening to increase engagement. 

How Can Social Listening Increase Engagement?

When customers reach out to your company via social media, they do so expecting a quick response. However, if your office is anything like ours, there is plenty to keep you busy day to day. It is easy to let customer comments, complaints, and issues that come in through the various social channels slip through the cracks. This doesn’t mean they’ll understand. Excusing a lack of communication with your audience simply because “It is hard and we are super busy” will not evoke sympathy. Customers expect you to find a way.

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Enter social listening.

Using NUVI, you can create monitors that track specific keywords. As these social mentions come, in the data is instantly turned into an easy to read visualization. NUVI bubble stream

With these real-time visualizations, you can quickly see sentiment, influence, and reach. More importantly, you can engage with your audience from one dashboard.

When your audience knows that you will respond and take their issues seriously, they are more likely to share that positive engagement with their audience, thereby giving you more opportunities to build your social following.

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Of course, in order to maximize your engagement strategy, it is crucial to use the right keywords in your monitor. The social mentions you want NUVI to pull in will vary by your goals.

Engage With Existing Customers

For example, if you want to engage with existing customers, you would need to create monitors around your own brand. You want to make sure that you are aware of your customer’s complaints or issues. Furthermore, it is vital to include not only your own brand but also search for @ and # because some customers may tag you in the post, some may not. Your engagement levels will go way up if you are finding both.

Once you have the monitor up and running, the next step is to create Alerts. It doesn’t do you any good to pull in all these mentions and then miss out on the important conversations. With NUVI you can set up both text and email alerts if there is a significant drop in sentiment or if an influencer mentions one of your keywords.

Alerts for social listening

Engage With New Customers

If you are trying to build an audience of potential customers, you will want to reach out and find people that aren’t talking about your brand specifically but are talking about a product or service you provide. We call this an opportunity or industry monitor.

Here’s a real use case from one of our clients to demonstrate how you would use NUVI to increase engagement with a new audience:

An alternative pet therapy company had around 200 Twitter followers at the time. We started by building an opportunity or industry monitor (again, thinking of people who need a product or service, but don’t know of your brand). In this case, because of the industry (pet therapy), we used key phrases like “pet therapy”, “pet pain”, “dog arthritis”, etc.

As the relevant mentions came into NUVI, our client would engage with each person and put a link back to the website within the reply. Using Google UTM codes, they added a UTM code to each link, which would allow them to track the conversation from Twitter all the way to a purchase. Over the next month, they tracked 60 conversations and generated over $6,000 in revenue when before they were only getting 1-2 sales from Twitter per month.


In this social centric landscape, customers expect brands to engage with them. It is no longer enough to talk AT your customers and blast them with your messaging. They have the ability to ignore you without too much effort on their part. But as you engage with them and you work to show them they can trust you, they will be loyal to your brand. Social monitoring is an invaluable tool to facilitate this increase in engagement. So. What are you waiting for? Start your social listening campaigns today and watch your customer engagement skyrocket.

Check us out next week when we will look at using social listening to identify your target audience.

Would you like to know more about NUVI or what social listening can do for your company? Take a demo.

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