A social media engagement strategy starts with social listening tools that reveal audience insights instantly so customer engagement can be improved with the best social strategy. Here Nuvi's social listening tool shows a tweet about Engage 3.0 that was analyzed during the product launch.
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Social Media Engagement Strategy: Engage 3.0 Analysis

As you may have heard, we recently launched Nuvi Engage 3.0. We decided to take our own advice and use Nuvi Listen to monitor the conversation about the new Engage. What did we find?

We learned that our most successful platform was Twitter, with 50 mentions of Engage in the past two weeks. We'll make a note of the fact that our content performs well when we keep it short and sweet!

Who makes up our audience? The most common adjective in the bio of authors who posted about Engage was "social"—we think that checks out! Other popular descriptors were "digital, "online," "latest," and "global." This implies that we're reaching the right demographic: people who are interested in the internet, the latest trends, and the big picture. Some phrases that often appeared in authors' bios were "business advisor," "communication manager," "content manager" and "digital marketing." This is great news for us, suggesting that marketing professionals who could use Engage (and our other social customer experience tools!) are discussing it.

What did our audience have to say? Descriptors that were frequently mentioned alongside discussion of Engage 3.0 include "social," "custom," "proprietary," "confident," "excited," and "phenomenal." We're glad to see that users understood Engage is a customizable social media engagement platform built on our proprietary language engine. We're even more glad to see that people were confident in our products, excited to try them, or already found them phenomenal!  

How did our audience feel? The sentiment of posts was mostly neutral in the past two weeks, with a handful of positive posts and thankfully no negative ones! This may mean that we should be more proactive about asking for feedback, but for now we'll enjoy the ego-boost. The average emotional score of our mentions rated highly for joy and anticipation (the intersection of which is optimism) and anger was our lowest-ranked emotion.

We may be a little biased, but based on the data, we're ready to declare Engage 3.0 a success! Learn more about the new Nuvi Engage!

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