Why Use Social Listening

November 02, 2017

Why Use Social Listening

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Olivia Noli

Olivia Noli is the marketing intern at Nuvi.

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So hopefully you’ve read all our blogs on the nine reasons why you should use social listening in your business by now. If you haven’t, here’s a quick recap (or you can click the links to read the full posts)!

9 Uses for Social Listening

Increasing Engagement

Social listening can increase engagement by responding to both your existing and potential customers. By starting conversations, your engagement will increase with many audiences. More engagement means more brand recognition for your business.

Understanding the Target Audience

At NUVI, our account managers set up specific monitors that focus on keywords relevant to your research. By doing so, you can tell exactly who your audience is and what they want. This also allows you to understand the best methods for communicating with your target audience.

Exploring Content and Business Opportunities

Do you have trouble creating content? Social listening can help! By understanding your audience, you can create content to better appeal to their interests. You can also identify keywords and influencers that will help you produce great content. Better content leads to more collaborations and business opportunities.

Improving Customer Service

Social listening is a key tool for customer service. By using monitoring software, you can listen and respond to anyone talking about your product or service. You can track your brand, product, service, industry, and competitors. By doing so, you can not only create great customer service for your customers but also your competitors’ customers as well.

Using Social Media Strategically

You already know that social listening can help you identify your target audience, but the next step is to use this information to come up with a social media strategy. By using NUVI’s software, you can identify when and where your target audience is active, shape your brand voice, and track various campaigns. This will allow your business to create an effective strategy to use social media for your business’s benefit.

Beating Competitors

Once you have a strategy, you can use it to dominate your competition. By monitoring your competitors’ social strategy, you can identify their shortcomings and reach out to their dissatisfied customers. You can also conduct market research for your industry to beat your competitors.

Product Development

By listening to mentions about your product, brand, and competitors, you can develop your product to an ideal version for your customers. Social listening allows you to know what your customers like and dislike about your product, as well as their opinions on your competitors’ products. You can also create polls to better understand your research and develop your product or service.

Improving Brand’s Reputation

Obviously using social media to develop your product and provide great customer service is a great way to improve your brand’s reputation, but how else can social listening help? Sometimes bad press is good press, like in the Snowbird example, but other times negative reviews are overwhelming. By setting alerts on your monitor, you can be notified whenever there is a significant drop in sentiment. You can, therefore, respond to a crisis almost immediately. Social listening also helps you find good reviews, too. By finding unique reviews, you can share what makes your own brand unique.

Lead Generation and Reaching New Customers

Social listening allows you to do a massive amount of research. From competitors to influencers, you can know every aspect of customer sentiment in your industry. This allows you to reach out to potential customers and create conversations that will generate leads for your business.


There are numerous ways you can use social listening to your benefit. All of these nine techniques, if used effectively, will help your business become the best in your industry.

Download a free social listening ebook that covers all 9 points in more detail. Get it here.

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