Using Social Sentiment During a Product Launch

December 14, 2017

Using Social Sentiment During a Product Launch

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When it comes to gathering social data, it’s not just the volume that makes the difference, it’s the insights you get from that data that makes the effort worthwhile. That’s why we at NUVI pride ourselves on creating reports that let you visually see what your data is doing, and then allowing you to filter that data to get at the real insights that are going to allow your organization to take action.

We recently talked to Matt Frisbie, the CMO of Blendtec, about how his team is using NUVI to track the sentiment around their campaigns and product launches to get instant feedback from customers.

“It’s an exciting time to be a marketer. Social sentiment has really helped us to see what is actually happening. NUVI has made it super easy for us to see it.” – CMO Matt Frisbie

Negative consumer sentiment can strike at any time, for any company. Through the NUVI platform, Blendtec has been able to get an alert any time the negative sentiment of their brand, one of their products, or an advertising campaign goes up. Blendtec is then able to segment that sentiment to see only that relevant conversation to understand where the negative sentiment is coming from, what is being said, and then take action.


Click Here to watch the video detailing how Blendtec is using social sentiment to create better customer experiences.


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