A man works remotely on his laptop. He is scheduling a social media post for his business through Nuvi Smart Social. The screen of the laptop shows multiple picture in a grid, gallery format. Most are hidden behind a container hovering over the gallery. The images we can see are a girl standing in a field of sunflowers, a man in a black hat, and flamingo swimming tube. The container hovering over the gallery is of the options of where to save a photo in Nuvi Smart Social. The options here are library, my uploads, and my mobile uploads. There is an empty check box to the left of these words. Below those options the a category called Type. The two options are photo and video. Below that is the option to put labels on the uploaded images.
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Welcome to the Future of Content Scheduling: Nuvi Smart Social

Managing social media for a business isn’t easy - there’s always research to do, data to analyze, strategies to implement, and comments to respond to. Plus all of the other work it takes to keep your business running. 

Posting to social media channels frequently helps keep your name in your customers’ mind. Social media can accomplish a number of goals: distributing informative content about your brand or industry, showing off your product and its uses, keeping in touch with your fans, sharing fun and relatable jokes or memes - the list goes on. Essentially, it can be a tool to help current and potential customers get to know you, your team, and your brand. 

Nuvi Smart Social's gallery is featured in this image. The gallery shows eight images. Two are of dogs, two donuts, one a volleyball game, one a woman in a field of sunflowers, one feature a man in a black hat, and the last is a pink flamingo swimming tube. Those images are all in the background. An image hovers above the rest in a white container. The image is of a dog resting on a mossy rock in a forest of purplish, blue flowers. The white container also has three social profiles listed by their icon's above the image. They are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Below the image is a text box that reads: keep up your health by getting some fresh air! While practicing social distancing, of course. The text is followed by an emoji smiley face. Below the text box is a small calender icon that allows you to schedule the post and a post now button in yellow.

We’re here to help you with your online presence, every step of the way. You want to stay on top of the game with your content, but manually posting or scheduling can eat up lots of your valuable time. That’s where our newest feature, Nuvi Smart Social, comes in.

Smart Social is here to take over the tedious parts - the scheduling, the posting - so that you can focus on what really matters: creating content that resonates with your audience. Schedule weeks of content to be posted at peak times for engagement - just upload them to Nuvi and watch the likes roll in. It’s really that simple! 

With Smart Social, all you have to do is upload the visual content that you would like to have automatically scheduled. After selecting your photos, our intelligent algorithms based on years of research and data will schedule your posts three times per week at strategic times when they’ll get the most engagement. You can easily add and change captions while you upload to the queue or from an easy-to-edit calendar view after the content has been scheduled.

This tool is especially useful for franchises or agencies that are managing multiple locations’ social pages or accounts at once. It can also provide great assistance to any company that wants to schedule content ahead of time so they can simplify their day-to-day routine and have more time to focus on other aspects of their business. 

Smart Social helps you plan your content in advance, and keep it coming without eating up any more of your time. It’s a feature that will both make your life easier and optimize your social media performance. Learn more with a demo from the Nuvi team.

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