What Your Customers are Really Asking About

April 06, 2017

What Your Customers are Really Asking About

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Welcome to the cocktail party, social media gurus. At least that’s how Maria Ogneva, Director of Social Media at Attensity would describe it. She says, “It’s a room filled with people driven by [a] desire to communicate, share, digest and relate . . . Some of these conversations can be about you, your competitors or your industry . . . They will talk about all these topics regardless of whether you are listening or not.”

Within these conversations, your customers have questions. Monitoring your social media accounts will help you never miss a question and keep tabs on what kind of questions are coming up frequently, which might be a sign for you to post some informative content or change the way you’re presenting your product or service in order to be more user-friendly. Whatever your motive, use social media monitoring to answer questions and keep customers happy. Chances are, they’re asking the following questions that you won’t want to ignore.  

How do I use this product/service?

Whether your product or service requires no assembly or comes with an entire set of tutorials on how to set it up, someone is going to have questions on how to use it. One of the perks of social media is how quick and easy it is to communicate with businesses. Take advantage of social media monitoring to see when questions pop up. Because if customers don’t know how to use what you’re selling, then they’re going to go to the competitor who will give them answers.

Where can I buy this service?

You might have the coolest tech on the block, but if people don’t know where to buy it, then you risk losing sales. Ideally, you’d have the purchasing information on your website, but sometimes customers want fast answers when they see your product or service on Instagram or Twitter. Monitor your platforms, and if you see that it’s a topic that comes up a lot, then consider drawing more attention to links that lead directly to your product or service.

How can I find out more about this product/service?

Some people see a picture of a product or service, determine they want it, and click “Purchase.” For others, they want to research, maybe compare it to other options on the market, and make sure it really fits their needs. They might have specific questions about the product or service or just want more information in general. Either way, it’s not a question you want to miss.

How can I work for this company?

Besides sales, there’s another big incentive for your company to monitor social conversations: networking opportunities. You might have some brand ambassadors that love your product or service, love your content, love your brand, and want to find out how they can become a part of it. Presenting yourself well on social media can attract exactly the type of employees you need and want, but if you’re not there to answer their questions about social media, then you could miss out on a stellar employee.

What’s the quality like if no one will respond to me?

The perception of quality is built on more than the reliability of your product or service; it is built on the authenticity of your content, the quality of service you give over the phone, and, of course, the efficiency in which you respond to questions online. If a customer asks a question over social media—any question at all—and you don’t respond, then you just might leave them questioning how high of quality a business is if they don’t sufficiently monitor their platforms in order to give inquirers a timely response.

What do other people think about this product/service?

While this question might not be directed at your company, it’s an important question to be monitoring on social media. Looking at what others say gives you insight into the perceptions of those buying your product or service (or buying the competitor’s) and lets you add your two cents on what the product or service has to offer.

Join the cocktail party, friends. Monitoring social media is the quickest way to get in on the conversations and provide answers to the questions customers are asking as you show them you care.

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